Saturday, March 27, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 2: Day 56 - Rest or X Stretch

I can't do much today since I'll have to go to a wedding tonight and there are other bunch of stuff need to be taken care of. So today will be my Rest day from P90X.

Anyway I'll continue my food recap from yesterday, so here we go:


Nappa cabbage soup with shiitake mushroom and nappa cabbage
Boiled soy sauce egg
Left over mapo tofu from last night
Beef patties (homemade from scratch - yes I bought a meat cut and ground it myself with my butcher knife. A total man power ..haha)

I also made my whole wheat bread. Despite I forgot to add wheat gluten flour, it still turned out ok:

Afternoon snack:
1/2 Kashi® GoLean® Chewy Protein & Fiber bar

Late afternoon snack:
1 Kashi® GoLean® Crunchy Protein & Fiber bar

I went to the rehearsal dinner at a Chinese restaurant. It was that typical 10 dishes banquet, so here we go:
 It was quite a lot of food so I only took small bites of everything. The last one was the dessert (mung bean soup), but it was so sweet I only took a sip and that was it. The tofu dish actually wasn't part of the banquet menu. It was part of the vegetarian dish for the vegetarians. I didn't take a picture of the fried rice, which was the last main dish since I didn't have it.

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