Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Round 2: Day 3 - P90X Shoulders & Arms, various Ab moves

Shoulders and Arms workout went by pretty fast. I finished just right at 6 am. I am still using 8 lbs dumbbells and blue resistance bands for the triceps and any moves that require me to raise up the arms. My left arm felt pretty weak and seems like I haven't work it out as it supposed to be. After the workout, my right arm felt tense while felt nothing on the left arm. That's not right. I might "cheated" here and there when lifting weights with my left. Gotta work on this.

For the abs, I just mixed up a bunch of ab moves that I've collected on my own. Some from Ab Ripper X (Oblique V ups, V up Roll ups), crunches (regular, side), jack knives, leg raise, hip rise etc. Total 10 moves. The reps were varied from 20-15 reps, except the regular crunch (I cranked out 50 reps). Next time I should just make all moves in consistent reps, probably 15-20? Any crunches I felt a lot of burn on my abs, but not scissors. Weird huh?

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Anonymous said...

Congrats for your start with P90X! I finished my first round of P90X a few weeks ago.

I started another round of P90X last Sunday and I'm doing it with my wife this time (this is her first round).

Feel free to check out my results from round 1 of P90X here- P90X Results