Monday, March 22, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 2: Day 51 - Core Synergistics

I'd say I have to skip this one today and make it up on the day I'm doing X Stretch.
Today I went to Big Santa Anita Canyon to take my parents for a hike. Even though we went to the easiest hike, we didn't get to the waterfall since my mom couldn't handle the hike. I was thinking I could substitute Core Syn with this hike if it gave me enough workout, but apparently not. We spent about 2 hours there, but only walked on the paved roads before heading to a Chinese restaurant for a dim sum.

After we got back, it was already around 4pm and almost time to start dinner. I decided to skip Core Syn and make it up on Thursday, where I'll be doing X Stretch. In some ways it'll be good since my parents will be away to San Francisco trip so I'll have more time to squeeze in the workout.

Lately, my knees have been feeling very tight and stiff, especially after I stand up for a long time. Hopefully it's not something serious. :( I hate it if I have to skip more workouts. Good thing is, this week is my recovery week, so the workouts are "less intense".

Anyway, I apologize for not uploading any pictures lately since my parents are staying in my office room, I can't use my desktop computer and this laptop doesn't have the graphic program that allows me to resize the pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I have a similar problem w editing software. In a pinch you can use this online program for image editing. It has the same feel as PhotoShop. Free.