Tuesday, April 6, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 3: Day 66 - Back & Biceps, Abs

Back and Biceps wasn't that bad actually, though I think my favorite is still Chest & Back. Back & Biceps is like a combination of Chest, Shoulders, Triceps with Shoulders & Arms and Chest & Back. It's a bit of everything from the other 3 resistance workouts, even though towards the end, it's a bit weird to do superman. I had to complement myself that I survived all superman sets and could lift up my arms and legs off from the floor without much problem. Does it mean my back get stronger as Tony mentioned? Oh well...

Majority of the time, I used 8 lbs dumbbells to do the arm workouts and blue resistance bands for the pull ups. Sometimes I wonder if I do the resistance bands correctly since I mostly felt the burn on my arms instead of my back. I felt stronger and majority of my sets were either 8, 10, or 12 with 8 lbs dumbbells. Some lifting I had to switch to 2 1/2 lbs. My left arm is much weaker than my right arm, which is normal, I think, since I'm right handed.

Taking the soy protein drink before the workout definitely gave me more strength to do the resistance workouts. Post workout, I gave Jay Robb chocolate whey protein a try, mixed into my plain soymilk. My impression? NASTY! *sorry Jay Robb, no offense!*
It didn't taste any chocolate flavor and I had this unpleasant after taste. The closest thing I could come up with is it had that beef/bone bone soup taste smell-like. It was my first time trying the whey protein and didn't get a good impression on it. Maybe it's the brand or maybe all whey protein taste like that? In the meantime I might stick to my soy protein and keep searching for the good whey protein taste.

I sped up through Abs and went on my own pace. I went faster and took less break and guess what, towards the end, I was so exhausted. I skipped Leg Climb since that was my least favorite and I don't really quite feel the burn and jumped to Mason's Twist with high speed. I still did 50 reps but twice of Tony's speed. It gave me a good sweat.

I brought lots of healthy snacks and food today for my daytime food. I sliced a huge carrots, 2 apples, and orange and 1/3 of papaya. I will have beef asparagus with white rice and 1/2 hard boiled egg as my lunch. Also I brought Jay Robb™ JayBar High-Protein Cashew Coconut bar as my snack.
For breakfast, I'll be having one plain bun and 1 slice of whole wheat banana bread.

Yoga X tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it!

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