Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Round 2: Day 10: ARX, Shoulders & Arms, ChaLean Extreme I've Got Abs

I decided to do 2 kinds of abs exercises during my resistance workout days. I'd love to try ARX double as Pete, but I figured I want a bit more variety so I won't get bored quickly.

ARX went ok, did it first thing before my main workout. It's good in some ways so I could skip some of the warm up exercises and just do the arm stretches and ballistic stretches. My right foot still feels a bit hurt, so I'd take easy on any kinds of jumps.

I think I can up my weight a bit more for some Shoulders & Arms movements. For certain ones, the blue band is getting too easy. I might want to use 2 bands together for greater resistance. We'll see about that. Getting better at triceps dips, did it with legs straight, bumped up to 15 reps with good form. Side Triceps rises were good too, I was up to 20 reps with brief mini breaks in between. Felt the burn on the triceps made me feel I did great. Still struggling with Two-angle shoulder flys, not quite sure what I did was right.

So after the main workout done, I decided to do ChaLean Extreme I've Got Abs. I did like she had variety abs/core exercises, not just crunches. She had side plank rise, lots of push ups in between and oblique rise. I'd love to do this more regularly as well.


Anonymous said...

I guess no one making any comments after your first level of P90X. (Don't let that get to you) Please continue your workout. Great Job!

Hattori said...

It's ok. This blog is more for my own record :) Hopefully this can inspire others to start workout too.