Saturday, April 3, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 3: Day 63 - Rest or X Stretch

I picked rest for today as I came back home late last night after dropping off my parents and uncle at the airport. Yup, they already left US. In some ways I kinda missed them. For the past 3 weeks, my place had been pretty lively and now it's back to its normal quiet, with just me, K and A.

Anyway, today is K's birthday so I treated him for a lunch at Korean BBQ place. We've been to that place last time for one of my friend's birthday.
Since I planned to do some house cleaning that I couldn't quite do last week, I ate a bit more than what I usually do. Gotta need some energy to burn.

Dinner was fine, mostly just a bunch of left over from what my mom cooked when she was here. I just boiled some veggies to add into it.

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