Saturday, November 30, 2013

Back Workout

Warm up
Rhomboids ex 2x2.5x15@each
BB Pendlay Row 2x45x15

Standing T Row Bar / donkey kick
4x5lbsx10 / 4x20@each

DB Prone Incline Row / side lying hip abdct
3x15lbs x12 / 3x20@each (behind,top & front)

Med blue band assisted ovhand grip pull up
6 - 6 - 6

Med blue band assisted underhand grip chin up
5.5 - 6 - 5 - tired!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Glutes and Legs

BB Glute Bridge (hold 10 sec at top. / Hip abduction 20x@each (side lying/standing)
95lbs x 20 -warm up
115x 20 warm up
135x 15
145 x 12
155 x 15
145x 15

BB Front Squat
60lbs x 12 - ok weight
60lbs x 10 - tough last 2
60lbs x 10
60lbs x 10

DB Side Step up (hold 1 DB) - felt weak!
3x15lbs x 15@each

Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat
2x12x@each - very hard!

DB One Leg RDL (hold 1 DB) - I could do it without holding anything on my right, left side is still on and off - working on it!

Leg Ext (cybex)
3x35lbs x 12 - tight adductors & quads burn!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Back & Biceps + 10 min steady state cardio

Band assisted wide gri pull up
4 x 3reps

BB Pendlay Row / Seated knee hugs 20x
2x45lbs x 15- warm up
4x50lbs x 12 - hard last 3 reps

DB Prone Rows / 1 leg hip thrust
3x20lbs x 12 /3x 12x@each

Hammer Iso Lateral High Row
35lbs x 12 - felt light
3x45lbs x 12 - ok weight - felt tension on upper back

Note: This gym doesn't have Hammer Iso Lateral Wide Lat Pulldown so I chose to use Hammer Iso Lateral High Row. So I didn't do Seated Cable Row. Also this gym doesn't have Standing T Row Bar machine so for wide pull I only did BB Pendlay Row.

Abs (2 rounds) - ab burned- tough - focused keeping abs/core pushed down aka PPT
• Lying leg raise w 7.5lbs db overhead 20x
• bicycle 20x
• iso ab hold 30 sec

Band assisted chin up - very hard - biceps might be tired already

DB Alt biceps curl
3x 10lbsx 12@each

DB side curl (video reference:
3x7.5lbsx12@each - no rest, just switching sides

10 min steady state cardio on spin bike

Note: butt, adductors & pec muscles are tight and sore today

Monday, November 25, 2013

Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

DB Incline Chest Fly
7.5lbs x 15 warm up
10lbs x15
10lbs x 15

DB Incline Chest Press
20lbs x 8 - felt hard last 2
20lbs x 10
20lbsx 10- hard last 2

DB Prone Rear Delt Raise
5lbs x 15- felt light till last 3
3x7.5lbs x 12 - mod weight

BB Front Shoulder Press
3x40lbs x 10- tough last 2 reps on all sets

DB Side Delt raise
3x7.5lbs x 12

BB Close Grip Triceps Bench Press
3x40lbs x 15 / high knees (didnt count)

BB Lying Triceps Ext / High Knees
3x20lbs x 12 / 3x100

Bench Triceps Dips (feet elevated on a DB)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Glutes, Legs and Kettlebell

I did BB Sumo Deadlift- looks like I could keep good form with sumo compare to conventional. It might be because on sumo, I'm standing wider so I have less distance with the bar? I will do conventional next week. Booty and hamstring surely feeling it!

65 lbs Front Squat - I could only do 10 reps on first set, the rest 2 sets only managed to get to 8. So I did a finisher set with 60lbs BB for 12 reps.

BB Hip thrust(3 risers) - lower shoulder post'n - harder
95x15 warm up
125x 10 - too heavy
115x12 - mod weight

Need post'n feet right- quad burn

BB Sumo Deadlift
3x75lbs x 12

BB Front Squat
65 x 10 - hard last 2
65 x 8 - tough set
65 x 8
60 x 12

KB circuit
3 rounds
Kb swing 44lbs x 20x
Turkish Get Up 18lbs x 1@each
1 arm sntach 18lbs x 10@each
1 arm jerk 18lbs x 10@each
Kb side lunges 18lbsx12@each
Band assisted chin up 10x
Battle rope 30 sec

Skipping on the turf for about 10 minutes?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Back and Biceps and mini Chest and Triceps

Band Assisted overhand grip pull up (med navy band)

Prone Incline DB Row
3x15lbsx15- focused on pulling from lats

Standing T Row Bar

One Arm DB Row
15lbsx 15@each- felt light
20lbsx15@each- ok weight
20lbsx 12@each
20lbsx 12@each

Db Incline chest fly 10x12
DB Incline chest press 15x15/20x10
BB Close Grip triceps bench press 40x15
BB lying triceps ext 20x12-15

Push Up 10-12

DB Alt Biceps Curl
3x10lbsx12 @each

DB Hammer Curl
3x10lbs x 12

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Glutes and Legs

Bodyweight One Leg Hip Thrust (4 risers) / Side Lying Hip Abct
3x20x@each (hold) / 3x30x@each

BB Front Squat
3x60lbs x 12 (rough last 2 reps)

BB Reverse Lunge (front sq hold) / ab leg raise hold 10lb plate overhead
3x45lbs x 12@each / 3x20

Leg Extension
3x40lbs x 12

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chest & Back

Overhand neg pull up practice (singles)

BB Pendlay Row
2x45lbsx 15 warm up
55 x 10 - hard last 2 rep
55 x 10
55 x 8
50 x 12- pumping reps

Prone DB Rows
15lbs x 15- felt light not felt much tension on back/lats
20lbs x 10 - good weight
20lbs x 10
20lbs x 10
15lbs x 15

T Row Bar (wide grip) -focused pulling from lats not arms
25lbs x10
25 lbs x8
25 x 10
20 x 12

Seated Cable Row
27.5lbs x 10
27.5 x 8
20 x 12

DB Incline Chest Fly
3x 15lbs x 10 - couldn't go too low - close to shoulder level?

DB Incline Chest Press 15lbsx12 (waiting for the hammer machine)

Hammer Iso Lateral Incline Press
22.5lbs x12
22.5lbs x 10

Note: triceps were tight & sore today -DOM from yesterday trisceps workout

Monday, November 18, 2013

Shoulders & Triceps & Skipping Intv

DB Prone Rear Delt Raise
2.5lbs x 15

BB Front Shoulder Press / side lying leg raise
40lbs x 12 ( did push press last 2)
40lbs x 12 ( push press last 2)
40x 10 - hard last 2
40x8- hard last 2

DB side delt raise / plank knee tucks
5lbs x 15 / 30x
5lbs x 15 / 30x
5lbs x 15 / 30x

BB close grip triceps bench press / bike abs
3x40lbs x 15 - hard last 3 / 3x 20

BB Lying Triceps Ext
20lbs x 15
20 lbs x 15 - hard last 3 reps
20lbs x 15 - hard last 3

Bench Triceps Dips (feet stacked together)

10 min intv skipping (1 min hard/30 sec easy)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Glutes & Legs & KB circuit

Warm up: 10 min skips

BB Deadlift
65lbsx15 warm up
75 x 12 warm up
85 x 12
95 x 8
95 x 8
95 x 8

BB Hip Thrust (4 risers)
95 x 20
115 x 15 (hold) / hip abdct 30x@each / hip 25@each
135 x 12 (hold)
2x145x 10 (hold) / hip 25@each

BB Front Squat (below parallel)
3x65lbs x 10 - I could finally reach 10 with 65lbs! next will be trying to get to 12!

BB Split Squat

3x50lbs x 12@ each

KB Circuit
10 min one arm clean & jerk (18lbs) - got total 99 or 109

10 min AMRAP
Double KB swing (22.5lbsx15)
Double KB leg lifts (18lbsx15)

Butt Blaster

Leg Extension

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chest & Back

BB Pendlay / plank crossed knee tucks 30x
40lbs x 15 warm up
40lbs x 12 warm up
50lbs x 10
50 lbs x 10
50lbs x 10

One Arm DB Row / hyper Ext
3x25lbs x 10 @each / 3x 20

DB Incline Chest Fly / one leg glute bridge
10lbs x 10 / 15@each
10x12 / 15@each
10 x12 / 15x@each

DB Incline Chest Press / donkey kick
3x15lbsx10/ 3x20x@each

BB Close Grip Triceps Bench Press
40lbs x 15 hard last 3 reps
40 x 12
40 x 12

DB Alt Curl
10lbs x 12
10lbs x 10
10lbs x 15 ( last 5 w 7.5lbs DB)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Glutes & Legs

BB Glute Bridge / hip abdct 30@each
115lbs x 20 warm up
125x 15 (hold) warm up
145 x 12 (hold)
3x155 x 10 (tough)

DB Goblet Squat
35lbs x 15
40lbs x 15
40 x 15

DB One Leg RDL (hold a bench - hold 1 DB)
3x35lbs x 15 @each

DB side Lunges (hold 1 DB)
3x15lbs x 15@each

Leg Ext (Life fitness machine- set A #1)
3x40lbs x 15 - hard last 5 reps

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chest, Back & Biceps

Overhand Grip Negative Pull Up practice

Standing T Row Bar
10lbs x 15 warm up
15lbs x 12 - hard last 2 reps
20lbs x 10 - hard last 2 reps
20lbs x 10 - hard last 2 reps
15lbs x15 - hard last 2

DB Prone Incline Row / DB Incline Chest Fly
20lbs x 12 / 10lbsx15
20x10/ 10lbs x 15
20x10 / 10x15

BB Pendlay Row / DB Incline Chest Press
50lbsx 12 / 20lbs x10 (very tough last 2 reps)
50x12/ 20x 8 (hard last 2 reps for both lifts)

Seated Cable Row / Push up
20lbsx15- light / 12x
27.5lbsx 10- mod heavy / 12x
27.5x10 / 12x

Hammer Iso lateral wide pulldown (seat #6)/ DB alt Biceps Curl
3x35lbs x 12 /3x 7.5lbsx12

Knee raise / dB hammer curl
3x20x / 3x7.5lbsx15

Monday, November 11, 2013

Shoulders and Triceps and skipping rope

Prone Rear Delt raise /45° hyper ext SS
2.5lbsx15 / 20x
3x5lbs x 12/3x20

BB Front Shoulder Press / 1 leg hip thrust SS
3x 40lbs x 10 /3x15@each

Standing DB side delt lateral raise / lying leg raise & butt lift
7.5lbsx 12 / 20x
7.5lbs x12 / 15x

BB Close Grip Triceps Bench Press
40lbs x 15

BB lying Triceps Ext / donkey kick
3x20lbs x12 / 3x15@each

Bench Triceps Dips
Straight legs on floor: 20x
Straight Elevated legs: 12x
Straight elevated : 15x

16 min skipping interval style (1 min hard/ 3 min easy)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Glutes, Legs and KB Circuit Workout

BB Hip Thrust (4 risers)
95x 20 - warm up
115x15 - hold
125x10- hold
135x 10 - hold
95x30 - hold

BB Deadlift

BB Front Squat
3x65x 8

Bodyweight side lunges 1x20@each

KB Circuit
5 min on each workout/ workout combo (rest 2 min btwn each workout)

A) Sled Pull-Push Combo 130lb

B1) KB Floor Press 18lbx10
B2) push up 10x

C) 1 arm half snatch 18lbx10@each

D1) landmine twist 10@each
D2) sit ups 10x

E1) KB swing 35x15
E2) Stability Ball hamstring curl 15x

Butt Blaster / Leg Ext superset
3x30x15@each / 3x30x12

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Chest, Back and Arms

Warm up:
5min light skipping
Rhomboids ex 2lbs x20@each
Hyper Ext 1x20x
BB Pendlay 2x45x12

Standing T Row Bar / butt blaster
2.5lbsx10 / 30lbsx15@each
5lbsx8 / 30lbs x12@each
5lbs x 8 / 30lbs x 12@each

DB prone incline row / dB Chest Fly
15lbsx12 / 10lbs x 12
15lbs x10 / 10lbs x 12
15lbs x 12 / 10lbs x 12

Med band assisted ovhand grip pull up
7 - 6 - 5-5

DB Incline Chest Press / X band lateral Walk
3x20lbsx8 / 3x30 total

BB Close Grip Triceps Bench Press / DB Hammer Curl Superset

10 min skipping on the turf

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Glutes and Legs

BB Hip Thrust (hold 10 sec at top on last rep)/ standing hip abduct'n 30x @each
95lbsx 15 (5 risers) felt quad burn
95lbs x15 (4 risers) better burn on glutes
115lbs x12
135lbs x 10
135lbs x 10

BB Front Squat (below parallel) / side elbow plank lift 15@each
60lbs x10
60lbs x 10
60lbs x 8

DB One Leg RDL ( w holding a bench - hold single DB) / DB Reverse Lunge (hold 1 DB) Superset
3x30lbs x15@each / 3x20lbs x15@each

Note: For One Leg DB RDL, i saw one of Bret's video when he demonstrating doing DB One Leg RDL holding 1 heavy DB and have another hand holding a bench - he called it DB One Leg RDL with brace. That's what I did today. Not bad.

Leg Extension

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Shoulders and Arms

DB Prone Rear Delt Raise
5lbs x15

BB Front Shoulder Press
30lbs x 12
40lbsx8 - hard last 2 reps
40lbsx 10 ( did push press last 2 reps)

DB Lateral Side Delt Raise

BB Close Grip Triceps Bench Press/DB Alt Curl Superset
30lbsx15 / 10lbs x12 @each
40lbsx12 / 10lbs x 12@each
40lbs x 12 / 10 lbs x 12@each

DB Seated Triceps Ext. / DB Hammer Curl Superset
10lbs x 15 / 10lbsx10
10lbs x 15 / 10lbs x10
10lbs x 15 / 10lbs x 10

10-15 mins skipping

Monday, November 4, 2013

Chest & Back

Overhand Grip negative Pull up practice (resting 30 sec)
5x1 reps

BB Pendlay Row / standing hip abduction 20x @each
45lbsx 15 warm up

Prone Incline DB Row / incline db chest fly superset

T row bar / hammer iso incline press superset
25lbs x 8 / 22.5lbs x 10
25 lbs x 8 / 22.5lbs x 8
25lbs x 8 / 22.5lbs x 8
25lbs x 8 / 22.5lbs x 8

Seated Cable Row / push ups superset

4x20lbs (+ thin rubber thing?) x 12 /4x 12 reps

45° Hyper Ext'n
Bodyweight x 20
10lbs x 20
10lbs x 20
10lbs x 20

20 min HIIT spin bike

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Heavy Glutes & Legs and Kettlebell Workout

Warm up:
3-5 minute spin bike
Clamshell with light band
Seated Band Hip Abduction
Walking Knee Hugs

BB Deadlift
75lbs x 15 warm up
85lbs x 12 warm up
95lbs x 10
95lbs x 10
95lbs x 10

BB Glute Bridge - hold 10 sec at top at last rep/ Standing Hip Abduction 20x @each
125lbs x 20
145lbs x15
155lbs x 12
165lbs x 10
170lbs x 10

BB Front Squat (below parallel)
60lbs x 10
65lbs x 8
65lbs x 8
60lbs x 10

KB Class (modified)
3 circuit
Push up (substituion for ring push up) 10x
Figure 8 to hold 20x
Double KB Sumo Deadlift (substitution for Sumo High Pull) 35lbsx20
1 arm snatch 18lbsx20@each
Kb Lunge variation (substitution for 1 Arm Overhead Squat)
Split squat 18lbs x 12@ each -1st round
Double Kb rev lunge 18lbsx12@each
Single Kb side lunges 18lbsx15@each
1 arm KB Row 22lbsx10@each

Hanging abs 2x15-20 reps

Butt Blaster 3x30lbsx15 @each
Leg Extension 3x30lbsx12 @each

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Back, Arms & Light Glutes

Med green band assisted overhand grip pull up

X Band Side Walk 2x30reps total

Standing Wide Grip T Row Bar / butt blaster
2.5lbs x 10 / 30lbs x15@each
2.5lbs x 10 / 30lbs x 15@each ( right side moved down to 20lbs to finish off last 5 reps)
2.5lbs x 10 / 30lbs x 15@each

Cable Hip Abduction
3x15lbsx20 @each

Cable Hip Adduction
3x15lbs x20 @each

One Arm DB Row (no rest, just switching sides)
15lbsx 15@each
15lbs x 12 @each
15lbs x 10@ each

BB Close Grip Triceps bench Press / DB Hammer Curl superset
3x35lbsx15 / 3x8 lbsx12