Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chest & Shoulders Workout

My core was quite sore for some reason - I can't think of anything else beside the HIIT sprint I did yesterday. Who knows sprinting worked out my core as well.

I got great Chest and Shoulders workout with some Heavy Back workout to start off.

Prone Incline DB Rear delt raise

T Row Bar w ab support pad / band side walk 15@each
20lbs x 15- warm up
4x25lbsx 12- ok weight

Incline DB Chest Fly / stg side hip abdct
3x7.5lbsx15 /3x20@eacg

DB Incline Chest Press / Abs
20lbs x 15
20lbs x 12- hard last 2 reps
20lbs x 10
20lbs x 12- hard last 2

BB Front Shoulder Press / Bench One Leg Hip thrust
40lbs x 12- hard last 2 /12@each
40lbs x 10-push press last 2 /12@each
40lbs x 10 /12@each
40lbs x 10- hard last 2 /12@each

Note: I haven't done BB Front Shoulder Press for a while - gotta work on this more!

BB Close Grip Triceps Bench Press
3x40lbs x 15

Practicing DB Upright Row
3x7.5lbs x 15

Standing Bent Over DB Side Delt Raise / standing DB Front Delt Raise (neutral grip) SS
3x5lbsx15 / 3x 7.5lbsx15

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Glutes & Legs Workout

Warm up:
Brisk Walking to gym 0.3miles
Prone Lying Leg Curl / standing side hip abdct 3x35lbsx12 / 3x20@each
Bench One Leg Hip Thrust 15@each
EZ Curl Bar Bench Hip Thrust 45lbs x 20

BB Hip Thrust (bench!) /heavy band seated Hip abdct
135lbs x 12-stop & go, hold last rep / 20x
135lbs x 10-stop& go hold last rep /25x
135lbs x 10- better set- stop go last 2,reps only- hold last rep / 25x
135lbs x 10- better set- stop go last 2-hold top last rep/30x
135lbs x 10- same above / 30x

Booty burn!

Note: Squat racks were so popular today! I couldn't get to use the usual rack that has low rack so I had to bit the bullet and try doing Hip Thrust using a bench! Never done this before. I thought I'd get more quad burn and lost my glute force but it turned out after 2 sets, my glutes fired up properly although I had to stop and go for the last 2 reps. But overall I could do 135lbs with the bench. That's a lot higher than the usual 3 risers that I use.

BB Deadlift / standing side hip abdct
95lbs x 10 /20@each
95x10 /20 @each
95x8 /15@each
95x 8 / 15@each

Note: I felt strong with my deadlift today than Saturday. Saturday I did sumo and usually I am better at sumo than conventional, but Saturday I struggled quite a bit. Today's conventional felt better and strong.

BB Reverse Lunge (front style)
3x60lbs x 12@each - min rest btwn sides

BB Front Squat
65lbs x8
65lbs x 9
65lbs x 10- stop go last 3
65x8- stop go last 2

Leg Extension
3x55lbs x 12 - quads burnout last 2 reps

DB RDL (hold 2DBs)
35lbs x 15
35lbs x 12
35lbs x 12

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chest & Shoulders + KB Circuit Workout

Prone delt raise
3x5lbs x15

DB Incline Fly

DB Incline Chest Press
20lbs x 13
20lbs x 12
20lbs x 12
20lbs x 12

Triceps shaking!

Standing Bent over lateral delt raise

KB Circuit
#1- kB swing 50lbs 15/15-10rounds

#2 battle rope 30secx6
Rope slams/waves/jump jack

#3 3 rounds
KB Burpee & high Pull 30lbsx10
Elbow to plank 10@each side
KB 1 arm push press 20lbsx8@each

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Glutes & Legs Workout

Here's my today's workout. It was quite tough and I didn't feel as strong compare to Tuesday Glutes and Legs workout. I did some video on BB Sumo DL, Reverse Lunge and BB Front Squat. Will upload sometime later and send to you.

BB Sumo Deadlift
75lbsx15-warm up
85lbsx15- warm up
95lbs x 10- need fix form a bit
95lbs x 10 - felt better form - tightened things up
95lbs x 10
95lbs x 10

BB Hip Thrust (3 risers) /hip abdt
125lbs x 20
3x145lbs 12-hold top

BB Reverse Lunge

BB Front Squat
4x65lbs x 10- paused a bit at bottom

One Leg Extension
3x30lbsx12@each- hard had to pause last 2-3 reps

Butt Blaster
1x60lbsx 15@each

Tough workout today! Mentally & physically challenging

Thursday, February 20, 2014

BAck & Shoulders Workout

Decent workout. I pushed out my best for the BB Row and Seated BB Shoulder Press. I didn't get to to Wide Lat Pulldown on the Hammer machine because it was occupied so I used the other Lat PUlldown with that long bar handle.

Prone Incline Rear Delt Raise

BB Row / standing side hip abdct
40lbsx15 - warm up
60lbsx 11- forced last rep
60x10- hard last 2
60x 10
60x 10- hard last 2

One Arm DB Row
25lbsx12 @each
25lbsx 10@each- right side fatigue faster
25lbs x 12@each- better set-focused pulling from lats
25lbs x 12@each

Machine assisted Pullup / standing side hip abdct
50lbs x 12- felt too easy
45lbsx 12-hard last 2
45lbs x 10- biceps fatique!

Wide Lat Pulldown (not hammer machine)
55lbs x 12- ok weight- need focus pulling from lats
60lbs x 10
60lbs x 12-hard last 2
55lbs x 12- feel better form

BB Incline Chest Press / Abs
40lbs x 15- singles last 3
40lbs x 13- singles last 2
40lbs x 13- singles last 2- triceps fatigue!

Seated DB Shoulder Press (palms facing fwd) / abs
20lbs x 8- heavy
20lbs x 8- heavy
20lbs x 8- heavy
20lbs x 9- pushed last 1!

Standing DB Bent Over Lateral Delt Raise / One Leg Hip Thrust

Weighted 45° Hyper Ext

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Glutes & Legs Workout

I felt good doing the BB Glute bridge. I even could start my warm up with 135lbs and got up to 20!

The last combo of BB RDL & Heavy Band Seated Hip Abduction was a total booty burnout!

Warm up: (mainly while waiting for the squat rack)

Brisk Walking to gym 0.3miles
Light Band fire Hydrant 3x20@each
Donkey Kick 3x20@each
Prone Lying Leg Curl
Bodyweight Reverse Lunge 10-20@each side

BB Glute Bridge / Side lying hip abdct 20@each side
135lbsx20- hold top
155lbs x 15-paused last 2
175lbs x 12- paused last 2 -hold top

BB Sumo Deadlift / Standing Hip Abduction 20@each side
95x 10-quad burn last 2
95x 11-paused last 2 reps
95x 12- wider stance-no quad burn
95x 12- paused last rep

BB Split Squat (front style)
55lbs x 12@each
55lbs x 15@each

BB Front Squat
4x65lbs x 10- paused last 2

Leg Extension
4x55lbs x 12

BB RDL / heavy band seated hip abduction - total booty burnout
70x15/20- hold

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Back + KB Circuit

Prone Rear Delt Raise
3x5lbs x15

Standing T Row Bar (weight indicated each side)
7.5lbs x 12- warm up
4x10lbs x 8- heavy - hard last 2 reps

One Arm DB Row
4x25lbsx10@each-right side struggled last 2 reps on all sets

Wide Lat Pulldown (w long T bar handle)

50lbs x 12
60lbs x 9
60lbs x 8
60lbs x 8

Band Assisted Overhand Grip Pull Up (med band)
7-6-7- 6

KB Circuit (6 min on/2 min off each combo)
#1 Double KB anchored snatch 15lbsx6@each
Dbl KB split sq 15lbsx8@each

#2 135lbsx4 sled pull/push - alternate with a partner

#3 landmine twist
Plank jack 20
Kb alt leg raise 20

#4 KB Swing
50lbsx15 (alt w partner)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chest & Shoulders

Mobility warm up:
Stability ball roll out 2x15
30 sec RKC plank

Plate Prone Rear Delt Raise

BB Bent Over Row/lateral band walk 10@each
2x50lbsx12-15- warm ups
2x60lbs x 8- hard!

BB Incline Chest Press
3x40lbs x 12- hard last 2 reps
1x40lbs x 10
Felt weaker on press today

Seated DB Shoulder Press
(palms facing fwd)
4x20lbs x 8- last set was tough- almost fail last set rep

Standing Plate Bent Over Lateral Raise

Standing Plate/ DB Front & Lateral Delt Raise
2x5lbsx15- delt burnout! -plates
7.5lbs x 10- hard last 2 reps
7.5lbs x 10

DB Lying Triceps Ext
3x7.5lbs x 12- need to adjust positioning so left elbow won't get irritated/discomfort

Weighted 45° Hyper Ext

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Glutes & Legs

Mobility warm up:
Medium Band Fire Hydrant 3x20@each
Donkey Kick 3x20@each

Prone Lying Leg Curl
2x35lbsx 12

BB Glute Bridge / side lying hip abdct 20x@each
115x20 warm up -hold
145x20 warm up-hold
4x165x12- paused last 3 reps

BB Sumo Deadlift / standing hip abdct 20x@each
1x95lbsx 8
3x95lbsx10- paused last 2 reps

BB Back Squat (shoulder width)-4 sets- bar on traps (lower)
65lbsx12-might be able to push 3 more?
65lbs x 15!!
70lbs x 10-ok weight!
70lbs x 12!!

DB Side Step ups -15lbs -1 DB

Heavy Band Seated Hip Abdct
3x30-hold on last rep

Leg Extension
3x55lbsx12- quad burnout last 2 reps!

Leg Press (feet narrow-straight)
25lbs x 15 - ok
35lbs x 15
45lbs x 12- good weights!

Note: felt more glutes in action

Monday, February 10, 2014

Active Rest Day - Band Glute Floor Workout

Light Band Clamshell

Ankle Weight Donkey Kick

Standing ankle weight Hip Abduction

Med Band Walk

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Chest & Shoulders + KB Circuit

Here's my today's workout. Mainly Chest and Shoulders and I threw in some Band Assisted Overhand Grip Pull up in the end just to balance things out and to get at least Back workout as you suggested.

Btw I haven't done BB Close Grip Triceps Bench Press for a while and I'm surprised I could do 45lbs. Last time I remember I was still struggling with 40lbs.

Next will be getting my left arm to press 20lbs without much struggle. I struggled quite a bit doing One Arm KB Press on my left for just 10 reps.

Prone Rear Delt Raise

DB Incline Chest Fly
10lbsx 15

DB Incline Chest Press / lying leg raises
4x20lbs x 12 /4x15

Bent Over Lateral Delt Raise

EZ Curl Bar Close Grip Triceps Bench Press
40lbsx 15- felt easy
45lbs x 12- good weight
45lbs x 12- hard last 2 reps
45lbsx 12- hard last 3 reps

Triceps super pumped!

KB Circuit
4 rounds
KB Swing 50lbsx20
1 Arm Snatch 20lbsx 10@each
1 Arm Press 20lbsx10@each
1 arm jerk 20lbsx10@each
Double KB Goblet Squat 22.5lbsx10

Took 24:21

Lying Leg Raise 50x

Sledgehammer 3x10@each

Band Assisted Overhand Grip Pullup

8-7-6 (med navy band)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Glutes & Legs

BB Hip Thrust (2 risers)
115x20-warm up -hold top
135lbs x 15-hold on top
145lbs x 15-hold top
165lbs x 12-hold top
165lbs x 12-hold top

Lying Leg Curl- this machine is heavier than usual
15lbs x 12- a bit too heavy to get full ROM
3x10lbsx12- ok weight

BB Deadlift
90lbs x 15
95lbs x 12-might be able to push 1-2 more?
95lbsx 10- felt a bit tired
95lbs x11-pushed last rep!

BB Rev Lunges (front style)

BB Front Squat (already a bit tired) - shoulder width
65lbs x 8
65lbs x 10
65lbs x 10 - paused a bit aft 8
65lbsx 10-paused a bit aft 8

Butt Blaster
3x60lbsx15@each- new weight!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Back & Shoulders

Mobility warm up:
DB Prone Rear Delt Raise /DB Prone Trap Raise
3x5lbsx15 / 3x2.5lbsx15

BB Bent Over Row/lateral band walk 10@each
50lbsx15-warm up
3x60lbsx12- singles last 4 reps
60lbsx 10- hard last 2 reps

Seated Cable Row
27.5x10- hard last 2 reps
27.5x 10- hard last 2 reps

Note: Better than 2 weeks ago! 2 weeks ago I could only get up to 8-10 with the same weight. This time I got up to 10-12.

Wide Lat Pulldown
3x37.5lbsx12-focused pulling from lats- felt easier than last wk- singles last 4 reps

Standing DB Bent Over Lateral Delt Raise

Seated DB Shoulder Press (palms facing out)
15lbsx 15
15lbsx12- should've pushed 3 more!
15lbs x 15- pushed last 3!

Standing DB Front & Lateral Delt Raise
3x5lbs x 15@each - delt burnout!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Glutes & Legs

Overall workout today WAS AWESOME!

I got to 15 for all my Deadlifts! - had to stop and go after 12 for 90lbs but I did it!
Is it time to add 2.5lbs?

Btw when should I add weights to each of my lift? My main niche is if I could do 15 reps for 3 sets with that weight then I know I could add 2.5 lbs for next time. Or do you always want to see my form first in video before I could add more weights?

BB Deadlift / standing hip abdct 20x@each
65x15-warm up
75x15- warm up
90x 15- singles aft 12
90x15- reset aft 12
90x 15-mini break aft 12

Note: Will do 95lbs next time

BB Glute Bridge / side lying hip abdct 20x@each
3x145x 20- singles last 5 reps- hold on last rep

Note: Will do heavy to get 12 rep range

BB Split Squats (rest 1 min btwn sets)- front style
55x15@each- right side had to reset a bit aft 12
55x 15@each

BB Front Squat (shoulder width)
55lbs x 15
60lbs x 12
60lbs x 13- pushed that last rep

Prone Lying Leg Curl
30lbsx 12- felt too light
35lbs x 12- right weight
35lbs x 12
35lbsx 12- left leg felt a bit some tensions on calf

Leg Extension
3x50lbsx15- had to pause a bit aft 12 reps- full quads burn

Note: Bump the weight to work within 12 reps range again.


Seated Band Abduction (heavy)
3x30- hold tension on last rep

45° Hyper Extension
3x20lbsx20- butt burnout!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back & Shoulders + KB Circuit

Mobility warm up:
Push up plus

Prone Rear Delt Raise
3x5lbs x15

Standing T Row Bar
5lbsx 12
3x7.5lbs x 10- hard last 2-3 reps

One Arm DB Row
3x25lbsx10@each-right side struggled last 2 reps on all sets

Band Assisted Ovhand Grip Pull Up (med band)

Bent Over Lateral Delt Raise
3x5lbs x 15

KB Circuit
#1 .15 min AMRAP
Thin band assisted chin up 5-6
Double KB Alt Press 20lbsx8@each
Deep KB Sumo Squat (stand on 2 high boxes) 35lbs x 15

Got 4 rounds

#2. 5 min Double Alt KB Snatch practice

#3. 22 yards Double KB Plank Walk 22lbs + 10 leg raise
Love this one for some reason! By engaging the core and tightened up the butt, it wasn't that hard actually. Next time I should try to do a full length.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Glutes & Legs

I had a great Glutes and Legs workout. Focused a lot more on Glutes today as I felt my knees were a bit funky. However after I was done with the squats, my knees aren't tight anymore! Weird! Oh well I take that.

Mobility warm up:
Turf skipping for 5 minutes
Light band fire hydrant
Donkey kicks (2 style - bent leg and straight leg)
Fire hydrant circle
Bodyweight squat

BB Hip Thrust (3 risers) - all regular styles
95lbs x 20-warm up -hold top
2x125lbs x15- reg- hold top
135lbs x 15-reg (singles last 3)
135lbs x 15-reg

I did all regular hip thrust. I think I felt stronger now that I could do total 15 almost non stop until the last 3 reps. I might be able to add another 5 lbs next week. Soon my hip thrust will match the Glute Bridge - 145lbs :)

BB Rev Lunges (back style)

45lbs x12@each
50lbs x 12@each
50lbs x 12@each

BB Deadlift
1x90lbsx12- heavy last 2 reps

Note: I'm planning to have Chest & Back workout tomorrow so I didn't do BB Deadlift, although I always LOVE doing BB Deadlift. One of the lift that could wipe me out and makes me feel I have a beast workout. Only did this for video demo purpose.

Double KB Suitcase DeadLift
3x35lbs x 15- quads burn last 3 reps

Note: Narrow feet w pointed straight irritated right knee a bit

BB Back Squat
60lbs x 15-narrow
60lbs x 13- wide
60lbs x 15-shoulder- felt strongest

Note: 60lbs felt getting easier, esp with feet shoulder width apart. Wide and narrow still a bit challenging. Ok to up to 2.5lbs next time?