Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Glutes and Legs Workout - using SC sets/range - WEEK 1

BB Glute Bridge
115lbs x 20 warm up
135lbs x 20
145lbs x 20 - had to do singles last 5
145lbs x 20

BB Back Squat
3x50lbs x 20- tough last 5 reps

BB Split Squat
3x45lbs x15@each

Bench Side Step up (bodyweight)

Seated Band Hip Abdct (heavy band)
50-30 (hold)

Leg Ext
50lbs x 12- hard last 2
45lbs x 12- hard last 2
30lbs x 15- burning set

Lying Leg Curl
35lbs x15- post'n might not right
30lbs x 12- better positioning- felt hammies burn

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Chest, Shoulders and KB Circuit

DB Incline Chest Fly

BB Incline Chest Press
20lbsx 10
20lbsx 8
20lbs x 10
20lbsx 12

DB Prone Rear Delt Raise
3x8lbs x 12- tried to get full ROM
5lbs x15

DB Arnold Press
12lbs x 12- mod weights
12lbs x11
12lbs x10

DB side Delt Raise
8lbs x 13 - arms met front
8lbs x 12 - arms on side
8lbs x 10- arms back- felt a bit awkwrd

DB Front Delt Raise
10lbs x15(used 8lbs last 5reps)
8lbs x 15
8lbd x 15

KB Circuit - 4 Rounds
1 Arm Swing 35lbs x 10 @each
1 Arm Cleans 22.5lbs x10 @each
1 Arm Push Press 22.5lbs x 10 @each
KB Goblet Squat - 22.5lbs x 10 - butt was super sore so I went very light today
1 Arm Turkish Get Up - 22.5lbx 1 @each

Battle Ropes - 3 rounds x 4 styles - 15 sec each nonstop - waves/slams/jumping jack/waves

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Glutes and Legs

BB Hip Thrust (3 risers) / band hip abdct 20-30@each
2x95lbsx15-20 - warm up (with american and regular style)
115lbs x15. - hold - americn
145x12- hold - amerc
145x10- reg- harder
145x 8-reg

BB Deadlift
75lbs x 12
4x85lbsx8- focused on form

BB Back Squat
55lbs x12- felt light
60lbs x12- mod- might be able do heavier
65lbs x 10- mod
65lbs x 8- felt tougher
65lbs x 10

Side Lunges (hold 1 KB)

Walking Lunges (hold 2 KBs)
3x15lbs x 30 total

Butt Blaster

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Back & Biceps

Neg pull up practice

BB pendlay / band side walk
2x55lbs x10
3x65lbsx8 / 3x20@each

One Arm DB Row (no rest, switching sides)
4x25lbsx10@each - right side felt weaker than left to get full ROM

Wide Lat Pulldown / knee hugs
45lbs x 6/ 20

Seated Cable Row / bike abs
4x27.5lbsx8 / 4x20-30x

Seated DB Biceps Curl
3x10lbs x10

DB Hammer Curl

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Workout - Glutes and Legs

BB Glute Bridge/ Band Hip Abduction
2x115lbsx20 - warm up
145lbsx12 - hold on top
165x10 - hold on top
175x 10- hold on top

BB Front Squat
60x 10
3x65x8- hard set esp last 2 reps

BB Split Squat (back load)
50lbs x 12@each
3x55lbs x 10@each - mod weight good for balancing

3x65lbs x12

Side Lunges (hold 1 plate)

Leg Extension
50lbs x 12 - burn last 2 reps
55lbs x 10 - burn last 2
60lbs x 10- burn last 2
65lbs x 10 - very hard last 2

Lying Hamstring Curl
3x30lbs x 12 - trying to get the setup right

Seated Band Hip Abdct
3x30-40 reps

Hyper Extension
bodyweight x 20

Monday, December 23, 2013

Back, Biceps and HIIT Skipping/Sprinting

Wide Grip Negative Pull up practice

BB Pendlay Row / band side walk or monster walk
45x15- warm up
60x 10
70 x 6
70 x 6

DB One Arm Row
2x20lbsx15@each- practice moves
4x25lbsx10@each/ band standing hip abdct 3x20@each

Question: A guy told me that I shouldn't arch my back when doing One Arm DB Row- esp since I am not wearing any lifting belt - need to keep my back in neutral or kinda more hunch??? Thoughts? I usually keep my back arch just like how I do Deadlift.

Wide Lat Pulldown
3x45lbsx6/ knee hugs 3x20

Seated Cable Row/ side crunch
27.5lbs x 10 - hard last 2 reps
3x27.5lbs x 8- hard last 2 reps / 3x15@each

Close Grip Pull up practice

DB Biceps Curls
10lbs x 10
3x10lbs x 8- right arm almost fail at last rep

DB Hammer Curl
3x10lbs x8 - arms were fatigue twds last rep- didn't get full ROM

20 min HIIT high knees skips/sprinting (1 min hard/ 30 sec easy -14 rounds)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chest, Shoulders and Kettlebell Workout

DB Incline Chest Fly

Db incline chest press

DB Prone rear delt raise
5lbs x15
8lbsx 15 ( moved down to 5 lbs last 5)
8lbs x 12

BB Front Shoulder Press
2x40lbs x 10- tough last 2 reps
40lbs x 8

Push Up 3x10

DB Side Delt Raise

KB circuit
20 min AMRAP - got 6 rounds
Double half snatch 2x18x10
One Leg Deadlift 35lbsx6@each
Ab leg raise 15x
Ring Rows 12x

165lbs Sled Push 2x44 yards

Double KB Farmers walk

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Glutes and Legs (partial)

I just want to say, I'm VERY disappointed with my day today.

I had a really bad indigestion/diarrhea when I was about to do my workout - like after I finished up my mobility warm up!!
It wasn't fun at all and totally killed my entire mojo when I had to always run to the bathroom in the middle of my lifts :(

BB Sumo Deadlift
65 lbsx15 - warm up
75lbs x 15 - warm up
4 x 85lbs x 10

BB Hip Thrust (with 3 risers)
95lbs x 20 - hold on top

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Glutes & Legs

BB Glute Bridge (w side lying or standing hip abduction btwn sets)
45x30 warm up
2x115x20 warm up
145x15- hold
155x10 hold
165 x 10 hold
175x 10 - hold

BB Back Squat
50x15 - easy
3x55x12- moderate

BB Reverse Lunge (switching btwn front & back loaded @each set)
3x45x12@each - ok -focused on balancing

Note: back load feels more balance but still getting used to it

45x15- easy
3x55x15 - mod weight to get form

Leg Ext (cybex-30lbs+3 sm weights)
45lbs x 15
2x45x12- very hard last 2 reps

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Back & Biceps

Warm up
RKC plank
Overhand Grip Neg pull up

BB Pendlay Row
45x15 warm up
50x12 warm up
4x60 x 8 /4x20 knee hugs abs

One Arm DB Row (short rest- only switching sides)
15lbs x15@each - light
20lbs x 12@each - moderate
4x25lbs x10@each - last set hard to get full ROM on right side

Wide Lat Pulldown
2x40lbs x 10 - moderate
2x42.5lbs x 8 - good weight

Close Grip pull up practice - losing it! Gotta practice more often :(

DB Concentration Curls (short rest) - arms rested on an incline bench
7.5lbs x 15
7.5lbs x 12- focused on ROM
7.5lbs x 12

DB Hammer Curl
3x7.5lbs x12

Monday, December 16, 2013

20 min High Knees and KB Swing HIIT at home

Short, simple and effective. Used 35lbs KB for the swing.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Chest & Shoulders + KB Circuit

I almost messed up the day and thought yesterday was Sunday, just because I did Glutes and Legs workout yesterday..ha!

I felt pretty good today. Got nice Chest and Shoulders workout prior KB class. I didn't get a chance to do triceps specific exercises, but today's KB circuit focused a lot on upper body and arms so it felt like a well rounded upper body workout.

I powered thru the KB class, especially the 2nd part. After ring row, I blasted thru the push ups. Energy wise feel pretty good.

DB Incline Chest Fly / Butt Blaster
3x10lbsx15 / 3x40x15@each

DB Incline Chest Press / fire hydrant circle
20lbs x 10 / 20@each
20x8 /20@each
20x10 /20@each

DB Prone Rear Delt Raise
3x5lbs x15- tough last 3 reps to get full ROM

BB Front Shoulder Press / bicycle abs
40lbs x10 / 30
40x10 (push press last 2) / 30
40x10 (pp last 2 ) / 30

DB Side Delt Raise
8lbs x 12
8lbs x 12
8lbs x 10

KB circuit
#1 - 15 min AMRAP (did 4 rounds)
Turkish Get Up 22.5lbs x 1@each
Double KB Front Squat 20lbs x10
One Arm Snatch 18lbs x10@each

#2- 8 min AMRAP (did 5 rounds)
KB Double Cleans 20lbs x 8
Ring Row 8x
Push Up 8x

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Glutes and Legs

Today was quite a short workout. Plus today will be the time I am off from doing CNS.

BB DeadLift
2x65lbs x 20 warm up
3x85 x 8

BB Front Squat
4x65 x 10 - hard sets

BB Split Squat (bar at back)
3x45x 12@each

Leg Extension
45 x 15
45 x 12
45 x 12

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Glutes and Legs

Mobility Warm Up:
Fire Hydrant Circle 2x20 @each
Bodyweight Glute Bridge 30x
One Leg Glute Bridge 2x15@each
Air Squat 20x

BB Glute Bridge / Side Lying or Standing Side Hip Abduction
95lbs x 20 (hold) - warm up
115lbs x 20 (hold) - warm up
125lbs x 15 (hold)
145lbs x 12 (hold)
155lbs x 10 (hold)
165lbs x 10 (hold)

Note: Next time will start off 115 for 2 sets warm up - then go to 145 then keep adding until only could do 8 reps.

Bodyweight Hyper Ext 3x20 (will need to do this as finisher next time- the very last)

BB Back Squat
3x45lbs x 12

BB Split Squat (front hold)
45lbs x 12@each
50lbs x 12@each
50lbs x 12@each

DB Side Lunges (hold 1 DB)
3x15lbs x15@each

Seated Leg Curl
3x40lbs x 12

Leg Ext
3x45lbs x 12

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Back, Biceps and Cardio

DB Prone Incline Row / high knees
20lbs x 12 (45°) / 100
3x20lbs x 12 (30°) 100

Note: 30° better incline, not too high

BB Pendlay Row / explosive jump squat
4x60lbs x 10 / 4x15

Negative Pull Up practice

Seated Cable Row / Skipping
27.5lbs x 12 / 1 min
27.5lbs x 10 /1 min
27.5lbs x 10 / 1 min
27.5lbs x 10 / 1 min

T Row Bar w pad / aerobic box step?
25lbs x 12 / 100
27.5lbs x 10 / 100
27.5lbs x 10 / 100
27.5lbs x 10/ 100

Wide Lat Pulldown
40lbs x 10
40lbs x 8
40lbs x 10

DB Hammer Curl
10lbs x 12
10lbs x 10
10lbs x 10

Monday, December 9, 2013

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Today's workout was quite tough! My glutes, side glutes are quite tight and part of my side abs is also a bit tight! Chest press were quite tough, also triceps exercises.

So today's workout were mostly baby weights but I bumped up the sets and reps to still get a good workout!

Warm up: Rhomboids ex 2x2.5lbsx15-20@each

DB Incline chest fly / weighted jack knives
3x10lbsx15 / 3x10lbsx 20

BB Incline Chest Press / fire hydrant circle
3x35lbsx12- felt triceps burn / 3x10@each way in both sides

DB Prone Rear Delt Raise /plank knee tucks
4x5lbsx15 / 4x25

DB Front Delt Raise / lying ab leg raise
4x10lbs x 12/4x20

DB Side Delt Raise
4x5lbs x15

BB Close Grip Tris bench press
4x30lbs x15 - lighter weight so faster tempo

Seated DB Overhead Tris Ext

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Glutes, Legs and Kettlebell

It was FREEZING cold today! The KB gym doesn't have any heater and it isn't an insulated place like LA Fitness or 24Hour - that's what you called as a Garage gym. It was like walking into an ice box! I barely felt my fingertips!

So I did couple skipping around the turf just to warm myself up plus some air squats!

BB Sumo Deadlift
65lbsx15 warm up
75lbsx15 warm up
3x85lbs x 12

Note: I felt a lot better doing BB Sumo Deadlift - I could keep my form more solid! Maybe next time I could try add 2.5 lbs to make it 90lbs BB Sumo Deadlift. Next week will be Conventional Deadlift and if time permits, I'll video myself to see my own form. I'll keep in mind about not shrugging my shoulders.

BB Hip Thrust (3 risers)
2x95lbs x15 - hold on top
115x15 - more back on riser
115x12 - shoulders on top - harder
125x 15 - american style
135x12- american style

Note: I did different positioning for these hip thrust. American style (as Bret labeled it - when I put most of my back on the riser) felt easier to go heavier and less burn on my quads while the other one when I only had my shoulders on top of riser felt harder and after a while I felt more burn on my inner thighs and quads. Will work on these more!

BB Front Squat
2x65lbs x 10
65lbs x 12- pushed last 2!!!

Note: I finally could push to 12 on the last set, although I had to pause a bit in between each rep on the last 2 reps! Next week hopefully I could get to 12 reps on all 3 sets then it'll be the time to add another 2.5 lbs on the following week!

KB circuit
KB One Arm Press 5x22.5lbsx5@each

15min AMRAP (got 4 rounds)
Ring Rows 12x
Windmill 20lbsx5@each
KB One Arm Clean & Jerk 22lbsx5@each

KB push & pull 3x 50lbs x 20yards - totally quad burner, especially on the pulling back the kettlebell

Butt Blaster 3x40lbsx15@each

Leg Extension 3x45lbsx15 - I might be able to do 50lbs but the machine doesn't have small weight increment and the next weight is 60 lbs!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Back Workout

Warm up
Rhomboids Ex
2x2.5lbs x20@each
BB Incline Row (wide grip)
2x30lbs x15

T Row Bar w ab pad / lying leg raise
3x25lbsx12 / 3x 20

DB Incline Row / donkey kick
3x15lbsx15 / 3x20@each

BB Pendlay Row / Weighted jack knives
55lbs x 15 /10lbsx20
2x60lbs x 10 / 2x10lbs x 20

Hammer Iso Lateral Wide Pulldown
40lbs x 10
40lbs x 10
40lbs x 8

Close grip chin up practice

Hanging Ab Raise (kept legs not below 90°) - focused pulling from core & kept lats engaged

One Arm DB Biceps Curl
12lbsx 10@each
12lbsx8 @each

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Glutes and Legs

BB Glute Bridge (hold on top)/ hip abduction
95x20 / side lying 20@each
115x20 / standing 30@each
135x15 / side lying 30@each
155x12 / standing 30@each
165x10 / side lying 20@each

DB Goblet Squat / lying leg raise abs
40lbsx 15 - hard last 3 / 20
45lbsx 12 - hard last 2 / 20
45lbs x 12 / 20

BB Split Quat / plank knee tucks 30x
3x45lbs x 12@each (tough last 2-3 reps)

One Leg RDL (1 DB) - hold a bench - no rest just switching sides

Leg Ext (cybex - 30lbs + 3 sm weights)
45lbs x 12
45lbs x 15 - tough last 3!
45lbs x 15 - hard last 3

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back- Biceps w/ Cardio in between

Warm up:
Superman 20x (hold 10 sec)
Elbow plank to plank 20@each
Neg ovhand grip pull up practice (4-2-3)

BB Pendlay Row
40lbs x15 - warm up
50lbs x 12
50lbs x 15 (hard last 3) / 100 high knees
55lbs x 10 / 100 high knees skips
55lbs x 10 / 100 high knees skips

DB Prone Rows / jump jacks
20lbs x 10 (hard) / 200
20lbs x 10 / 200
20lbs x 10 / 200
20lbs x 10 / 120 - left foot felt irritated

T Row Bar w Ab support / jump squat
25lbsx10 / 15x
25lbs x 10 / 15x
25lbs x 10 / 15x
25lbs x 10 / 15x

Seated Cable Row
27.5lbs x 10- hard / light skip
27.5lbs x 8 -tough / 100 lt skips
27.5lbs x 8 - / 100 lt skips

Iso Lateral Wide Lat Pulldown
40lbs x 12 - hard last 2 reps
40lbs x 10- hard set
40lbs x 10 - hard set

DB Alt Biceps Curl (shorter rest)
7.5x15- light@each
10lbs x 10 @each
10lbs x 12 (7.5lbs last 4 rep)@each

Monday, December 2, 2013

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Warm up:
Rhomboids 2.5lbsx20@each

DB Incline Chest Fly / 45° hyper ext
5lbsx20 warm up
3x10lbsx15 / 3x20

Hammer Iso Lateral Incline Press
22.5lbsx 12
22.5lbs x 10 - tension on upper chest & triceps
22.5lbs x 10 - hard last 2 reps

Prone Rear Delt Raise
3x5lbs x15

BB Front Shoulder Press
40lbs x 8
40lbs x 10
40lbs x 10 ( push press last 2)

DB Side Delt Raise
7.5lbsx15 (used 5lbs last 5)
7.5lbsx15 (used 5lbs last 3)
7.5lbsx 15 (5lbs last 3)

BB Close Grip Triceps bench Press
3x40lbs x 12 - tough

Seated Ovhead Tris Ext
10lbs x 15 - light
3x12lbs x 15- good weight

Triceps dips 20x

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Glutes, Legs and Kettlebell

I definitely need to work more on my conventional deadlift. I recorded my own video just to see my form and I think it got better on the last set. I moved down the weight to 85lbs and I think I'll stick to this weight for a little while until I could get 15 reps out from it, with solid form.

BB DeadLift
2x75lbs x15 warm up
3x85lbs x 10

BB Hip Thrust (3 risers) - hold top / standing or lying hip abdct
95 x 20 -back on riser - felt more burn on glutes!
95 x 15 - only tip shoulders on riser - harder
105 x 12 - felt abit burn on quads
105 x 12 - american hp - better glute actv w a bit on hammies
105 x 12 - reg hip thr - better set
115 x 12 - reg hp - ok
115 x 12 - reg hp - better

BB Front Squat
3x65lbs x 10 - felt stronger than last wk (next week might try to shoot for 12 reps all 3 sets!)

KB Circuit
#1 3 rounds
Band assisted pull up 5x
One arm c & j 18lbsx10@each
Kb swing 44 lbs x 20
Kb side lunges 18lbsx15@each

#2 . 500m row - 2:23
#3. Core/abs

Walking Lunges (hold 2 KB)
15lbs x 24 total

Butt Blaster / Leg Ext
40lbsx 15@each / 45lbsx 12
40x12@each/ 45x12
40x15@each/ 45x12