Monday, March 1, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 1: Day 30 - Cardio X

I almost crashed when doing the Jump Shots, man those are energy killers. After a couple of jumps, I started to gasp for my breath and slowed down my movements. Apparently, K seems like to stick around with me doing P90X boot camp, even though he didn't start out exactly from Day 1.
Either way, I'm kinda glad that I have a workout buddy.

Now on to the food part.

1 cup of plain soy milk with 1/2 tsp cocoa powder and 1/2 tsp sugar
1 large banana

1 red bean bread
1 cup of green tea

White rice
Stir fry dried anchovies with tomatoes - not my favorite lunch food
1 big apple

Afternoon snack:
2 oranges


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