Saturday, July 31, 2010

Round 2: Day 90: REST & DONE, What's Next?

I'm officially done with my second round of P90X. Although I only see a little bit of physical change, I know for sure I gain more strength, which is not something can be visually seen. I could do more push ups (on toes), lift a bit heavier than before and I can run a little faster. Things been hectic in my life so my last recover week was a bit off, but I still managed to squeeze in some yoga and cardio here and there. 30 min run or 45 minutes of yoga are still better than not doing anything at all.

What's next? Originally I plan to do the One Hundred Push up Program from here, alternating resistance workout and 30 minute run, but with family things happening right now, I am not sure how to juggle stuff around. Taking care a sick person requires lots of efforts and time. Not to mention having a full time job and taking care the house at the same time.

I might not post my workout log as regularly as before, but will try my best!

I will certainly miss this daily workout thing...but life can get in your way sometimes, just gotta deal with it.

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Carl S said...

The 100 pushups program looks pretty serious! It's going to be a tough climb! Even 50 is tough!