Friday, December 31, 2010 Bang Bang Workout - beating my personal best

I chose to do Bang Bang Workout to beat my old time. But unfortunately, the last time I did this I didn't write down the time for the time challenge parts so I can't really compare it. At least I could compare the reps of the interval parts.

Workout breakdown:
1. High Knees (Interval - 4 mins 20 sec on /10 sec off) 8 rounds
55-50-46-44-47-53-46-40 (old: 50/51/48/44/46/44/44/47)

2. Leg Lift, Star crunch & Butt Lift (30 reps)
2:17 (no record from last time)

3. Low Jack (Interval - 4 mins 20 sec on /10 sec off) 8 rounds
27-27-27-23-26-25-26-26 (old: 18/21/20/20/22/22/22/22)

4. Side Plank Lift  (25 reps each side)
2:50 (no record from last time)

5. Scissors (Interval - 4 mins 20 sec on /10 sec off) 8 rounds
50-55-57-50-53-49-50-49 (old: 42/49/41/50/50/48/48/53)

6. One Leg Bridge, Leg Lift & Toe Touch (25 reps each side)
2:55 (no record from last time)

Overall, I beat most of my old scores. Next time it'll be more challenging to me to beat this score!

Happy New Year's Eve!

Thursday, December 30, 2010 Get these Abs Workout aka Suicidal Sweat Workout

Another workout to beat my personal record of Get these Abs Workout (aka Suicidal Sweat Workout as Zuzana renamed it)

Workout breakdown:
1. 2 Jump Squats, 1 Jump Tuck and 3 Push Ups - 15 reps - my time: 4:00 (old 4:35)

2. 10 Kick Ups & 10 Mountain Climbers - 6 reps - my time: 1:49 (old: 2:21)

3. 10 reps of 1 Leg Pike Press & 10 reps of 1 Leg Jump Squats - 4 reps each leg -
my time: 5:54 (old time: 8:19) - a little better than last time but I still altered left and right leg and my squats were a bit better this time. Only 4 little toe taps in between

4. 20 reps of Breakdance Ups - my time: 2:31 (old: 3:16) - I didn't drop on my butt everytime I turned around. But after rewatching the video again, I realized I didn't do it quite properly yet.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 Fit Tight Workout aka Sexy Beast Workout

I followed along with Zuzana's workout schedule and today I managed to beat my personal best for Sexy Beast Workout aka Fit Tight Workout (dunno why she called it different name in the latter).

Workout breakdown:
Set an interval timer for 10 sec off / 30 sec off for 6 rounds EACH of this workout below. Each workout should take a total of 4 minutes.

Part 1: Dynamic Squats (4 minutes) - 10 sec off / 30 sec off for 6 rounds

Part 2: Reverse Push Ups (4 minutes) - 10 sec off / 30 sec off for 6 rounds
(Unlike last time, I used my kitchen counters this time. More secure!)

Part 3: Dive Bomber (4 minutes) - 10 sec off / 30 sec off for 6 rounds
5 1/2 - 4 - 4 - 3 - 4 (knees) - 4 (knees)

Part 4: Prisoner's Get Ups (4 minutes) - 10 sec off / 30 sec off for 6 rounds
4 1/2 -5-5-5-5-5

The goal here is to take as little break as possible between exercises. There's no point of doing 4 minutes exercise then take a 10 minute break. Heck my heart rate will be down by that point.

Overall I did beat my personal record. Need to practice dive bomber and reverse push ups a bit more. But I made a lot of progress in dynamic squats and prisoner's get up!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 Sweat is Sexy - 400 reps workout

So this week theme supposedly beating my own personal record workout. Unfortunately, I was kinda failed on this one :(

Last time I completed this 400 reps in 29:12 (but I didn't do the jump after the push ups, which explained why I was a bit faster, and I used a pair of 8lbs dumbbells for the sandbag full body).

This time I did the full burpee and I used 21lbs backpack for the sandbag fullbody workout. It made A BIG DIFFERENCE whether I did the jump or not.

Workout breakdown (Repeat 4 times)
1. One Leg Jump Up (10 reps each leg)
2. Sandbag Full body Exercise (20 reps) - I used 21lbs backpack this time
3. Crossed Leg Push Ups and Jump (or Crossed Ankle Burpee) (20 reps -alternating legs)
4. Snowboarder - 20 reps
5. One Leg Bridge and Star Crunch (20 reps - alternating legs)

My time was 31:22.

I don't think I could really compare this time with the last one as I did this workout 100% correct.

Or maybe I am just looking for an excuse?

Monday, December 27, 2010 1000 Jump Rope Jacks

Although I didn't exactly get up at 5 am I still managed to finish this whole challenge in 29:13.

Jump Rope Jacks is quite tricky and tiring! You only count the rep when your feet touch the floor (pretty much when they are apart). For me it felt like double jump to be count as 1 rep.

I almost gave up after 5 rounds because of the time, but I decided to push through and finish the whole challenge.

I earned my bowl of oats for my b-fast! :D

Sunday, December 26, 2010 Commando Challenge

After I braved myself with 1000 skipping, I finally decided to give this challenge a try. Zuzana incorporated a lot of jump rope this week and this one was no exception.

Workout breakdown:
1. One Leg Skipping (Left) - 50 reps
2. One Leg Skipping (Right) - 50 reps
3. Commando Push Ups - 10 reps (details here)

Repeat the entire circuit 7 times.

My time: 33:18

Yeah I am super slow compared to Zuzana and Freddy (her husband). Both could do this less than 20 minutes!!

I tripped a lot with one leg skipping although I got a little better towards the end.

Tomorrow I'll be back doing early morning (5 am) workout before going to work. I'm thinking either 1000 Jump Rope Jack or 150 Side Steps Up. We'll see.

Saturday, December 25, 2010 1000 skips

Finally, I braved myself to do this 1000 skips challenge on Christmas Day. Zuzana didn't have any workout scheduled for today but I just couldn't sit still and skipped the entire workout completely.

My time 15:54

And I am still amazed by some people who could finish this challenge less than 10 minutes.

Friday, December 24, 2010 Cardio and Core

Workout breakdown:
- Scissors with Jump Rope - 75 reps
- Knee Raises (I did Leg Raises from my exercise mat) - 25 reps

Time: 34:09

Yeah slow, I know. But at least I could do scissors with jump rope and got faster towards the end :)


Thursday, December 23, 2010 Drown in Your Sweat Challenge

As Christmas gets closer, the tougher to motivate ourselves to keep up with the workout. Fear not, Zuzana is making sure we all sweat and work our butt out with this Drown in Your Sweat Challenge.

This week we're mainly focusing on mini challenges so we all still can enjoy Christmas.

Workout breakdown:
Repeat this circuit 10 times:

High Knees with Jump rope - 75 reps (I did regular jump rope)
Squats with Sandbag - 25 reps (I used my 15 lbs backpack)

My time: 34:46

Almost wanted to give up after 5 rounds, but I pushed through! Squats are my biggest weakness!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 Major Hot Abs Workout

Major Hot Abs Workout breakdown:

Interval timer: 10 sec off / 1:20 on for 12 rounds

1. Side to side Jump with Jump Rope (feet together) - I did regular jump rope

2. Dive Bomber and Sandbag Half Squat (I used my 15lbs backpack)

3. Side to side Jump with Jump Rope (feet together)- I did regular jump rope

4. Airborne Kicks - I modified this with Reverse Plank & Knee Tucks

I am just happy that finally I could do a proper jump rope!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Practicing Jump Rope

Remember the time I got back injury because I didn't know how to do jump rope properly.

That traumatized me for a good 3 months and today I decided to conquer my fear and start practicing the jump rope.


I actually could do jump rope FAR BETTER than 3 months ago!

I guess I've built all my strength from workouts.

Of course it wasn't perfect as I tripped a lot but at least I knew I did 300 jump ropes plus some others that I forgot to count.

A nice good short workout before dinner.

I will do a full workout tomorrow morning.

And this week, Zuzana incorporates jump rope in all of the workouts.

Monday, December 20, 2010 Six Pack Abs 2011 Workout

Who doesn't want to have 6 packs abs? Why wait until 2011 to start working out while you can start now? Holiday season is NO EXCUSE for skipping exercises and indulging a bunch of sweets and junks. At least for me, I could do without sweets but deep fried savory snacks (hello potato chips) are my BIGGEST WEAKNESS.

But this time I SAY NO to all of those! I refuse to jeopardize my workouts!

Anyway this morning I was drenched in my own pool of sweat with Six Pack Abs 2011 Workout.

Workout breakdown:
Set the interval timer to 10 sec off/35 sec on for 24 rounds

#1. Sumo Squats and Leg Lift with sandbag (I used 15lbs dumbbell)

#2. Sumo Push Ups

#3. Jump Lunges

#4. Reverse Push Ups with Dip Station (I subbed this with Standing Double Bend Row with a pair of 15lbs dumbbells)

Sunday, December 19, 2010 100 reps Super Girl Plank

I was super busy today so had to just squeeze in a mere 4 minute workout.

Enter 100 reps Super Girl Plank.

My time wasn't much different from last one I did: 4:38.

But this time I could assure myself that I maintained proper form A LOT BETTER.

Saturday, December 18, 2010 7 minutes burpees

Wow, 2 workouts in one day? Er, actually these were only mini workout challenges. Finally I convinced myself to do this 7 minute burpee challenge before my dinner and I completed 57 burpees.

I was happy and disappointed at the same time. Happy because I surpassed 50 reps which I thought I couldn't do, disappointed because I couldn't reach 60. 100 reps sandbag swing

How long will it take someone to swing a sandbag/backpack in 100 reps? Depends on how heavy it is.

My backpack was 15 lbs and I completed this super short workout in 3:23.

Friday, December 17, 2010 Young Buns Workout

I woke up this morning with some soreness on my back and butt, not as much on legs anymore. Alarm went off, I turned it off and went back to sleep, woke up realizing that it was getting a bit late. Good thing today's workout only took 16 minutes (with warm up and cool down it became about 20-25 minutes)

Workout breakdown:
Each workout took 4 minutes (set the timer to countdown 4:00 minutes) and did as many reps as possible.

1. Sumo squat and Lift (I modified the lift by leg raise/star crunch/butt lift combo)
16 reps

2. Sandbag Double Lunge (Left leg) - I used 15 lbs backpack - 33.5 reps

3. Sumo High Knees - 174 reps

4. Sandbag Double Lunge (Right leg)- 33.5 reps

I stretched a little longer to loosen up my legs and back. Good workout. Good sweat.

Thursday, December 16, 2010 500 reps Side Jump Lunges

Another jump lunges??? Didn't the 300 jump lunges from Monday was brutal enough?

Anyway, this week Zuzana is focusing on leg workout, so today's workout challenge was 500 reps side jump lunges.

I completed it in 17:22, took a very short break after 20 reps until I reached 500 reps total.

And I had a good yoga stretching to loosen up my legs muscles, which are still sore and stiff.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 Poker Face Workout

I wish I could be a poker face when doing Poker Face Workout this morning.

After I did 300 Jump Lunges yesterday my butt and legs were SORE and EVEN MORE SORE in the evening.

Anyway here's this morning workout breakdown:
10 sec off / 50 sec for 20 rounds
1. Surfer Exercise

2. Round Kick and Knee Crunch (LEFT Leg) - I modified the knee crunch by lying on
the floor and did knee raises instead.

3. Round Kick and Knee Crunch (RIGHT Leg)

4. 1-2-3 Push Ups

5. Ninja Jump and Sandbag Pick Up (I used my 15 lbs backpack)

For some reason I could do Ninja Jump better in bare feet than wearing shoes. HUH?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 300 reps Jump Lunges

Darn it, I lost all my entry earlier.

Anyway I did 300 reps jump lunges in 14:58.

Not bad. I kept a good proper form and no cheating.

First 30 was a breeze and after that I had to take mini breaks after completing 10 reps.

The last 50 was the toughest.

By the end of the workout, my legs were stiff like sticks.

Did some yoga stretches to loosen them up.

Upper body was still sore from Sunday and yesterday's workout.

Monday, December 13, 2010 WOW Booty! Workout

The actual workout for today was supposedly 7 minutes of burpees. But I felt like to work my ass more this morning so I opted to Wow Booty! Workout instead. I've been wanting to do this challenge a while back but then I knew I wouldn't be able to perform well so I waited until today.

Workout breakdown (interval & time challenge workout)
Part 1: Interval
High knees and drop down (5 sec off / 10 sec on for 16 rounds)

Do high knees as fast as possible for 10 sec and drop down for 5 sec)

Part 2: Time Challenge
30 reps of:
Pick up a sandbag/backpack (I used 14-15 lbs backpack filled with bunch of stuff) from your RIGHT side foot across to the LEFT shoulder.

Jump feet apart

Squat until thighs parallel to the ground

Drop the sandbag/backpack on the LEFT side foot

Drop to plank

Do 1 push up

Jump up

My time: 5:52

Part 3: Interval
Repeat part 1

I might do the 7 minute burpee later today. We'll see :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010 200 reps Side Plank Lift

Today's workout challenge was 200 reps of Side Plank Lift (100 reps on each side).

I opted to do 20 reps on one side and switch to give my arm a rest. Apparently I should just do 10 reps of each side until I reach a total 200.

My time was 12:07. Darn it! I was hoping I could still be under 10 minutes.

Oh well..good workout to have before lunch.

Saturday, December 11, 2010 Christmas Abs Workout

Well the actual name of the workout is: "All I want for Christmas is Abs Workout".

Another brutal workout from Zuzana (geez when will she rest..LOL). There are 3 parts of this workout with different intervals.

Workout breakdown:

Combo#1: Triple squat action (with or without sandbag/weight/backpack etc)
I used a backpack with bunch of stuff inside - weighted about 14-15 lbs.
Set the interval timer for two intervals for 20 seconds (no rest interval) for 6 rounds. Total workout will be 4 minutes.
First 20 sec: squat all the way down
Second 20 sec: Squat half way
Third 20 sec: Short pulse squats (squat half way and pulsing-do not come up to standing position)

Repeat everything until the whole interval is over.

I couldn't write down the reps cause I was squatting for the full 4 minutes (well sorta, I had to shake off my legs in between, especially the Short pulse squats)

Combo#2: L sits (16 rounds of 10 sec off / 5 sec on)
I used 2 of my kitchen counters with the broomstick handle. Boy 5 sec felt long. I could only lift my butt and legs off the floor for a mere second.

Combo#3: Pick Up Jump with Sandbag/weight/backpack etc
4 rounds of 10 sec off/50 sec on interval
Each time the sandbag touches the floor count as 1 round.
My round: 10-9-9-9

Good workout for Saturday morning and I am already feeling my upper back muscles are sore now.

Friday, December 10, 2010 500 reps Mountain Climber

This workout challenge really challenged my physically and mentally. I tried so hard not to take too much break and just kept pushing myself to keep going.

My time: 8:12

My heart rate was average around 168bpm and it even hit 212 bpm. Wow it was over my maximum heart rate 189bpm.

Good cardio drill to keep myself moving after sitting on my ass in the office for 8 hours.

Thursday, December 9, 2010 Hot Warrior Workout

Today was an intense interval training from Zuzana and I had to modify certain exercises since either I don't have the equipment or I wasn't fit enough to perform the full version.

Workout breakdown:
10 sec off/50 sec on for 18 rounds

1. Forward & Backward Lunge Sandbag Lift (Left leg) - I used a pair of 8lbs
I counted forward & backward lunge combo as 1 rep

2. Forward & Backward Lunge Sandbag Lift (Right leg)

3. Core Splits - I substituted this with a combo of leg raise, star crunch and butt

4. Dynamo Push Ups 15-11-13

5. Sleeping Crab - Left leg (I did the modified version for both legs)

6. Sleeping Crab - Right leg

My shoulders and arms were still sore from the Red Hot workout on Monday.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 60 Get Ups

I had no sandbag and my backpack was too bulky for doing 60 Get Ups so I opted for holding 8 lb dumbbell on one hand over my shoulder.

Though Zuzana showed that she used her other hand to help her get up, I chose not to.

It took me 11:45 for the whole thing.

My only regret? I should have picked the 10 lbs dumbbell instead.

Regardless I still got my good sweat and could enjoy carbohydrate other than fruits and veggies for breakfast :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010 Red Hot Workout

Today's workout was a time challenge and I'd say I enjoyed doing the High knees (minus the jump rope). It's a good exercise to boost your heart rate up in a short time.

Workout breakdown:
Combo #1: 10 sets of 10 Seated Pull Ups & 10 Knee Crunches
I don't have a dip station, so I used my counter tops with detachable broomstick handle. It was really hard!! I could barely move my butt up if I didn't use my legs for a little assistance.

I had to stop the timer after the 1st combo to walk from the kitchen to the workout area.

Combo #2: 500 High Knees Jump Rope (I did High Knees only)

Combo #3: 50 reps Core Twist Push Ups

Combo #4: 500 High Knees Jump Rope (I did High Knees only)

Combo #5: 50 reps Sandbag Hip Thrust (I loaded up my backpack with one 8lbs dumbbell along with bunch of clothing/sweater. Not sure how much weight it was (prolly around 10-15lbs)

Time: 27:07

Got a good sweat, good workout!

Monday, December 6, 2010 One Leg Squat Challenge

I didn't exactly do any workout, but I did do the One Leg Squat Challenge (did the easiest modification of course). I didn't do the whole 5 sets of 5 reps for each leg, but I determine to do at least a couple of One Leg Squat everyday after work. Gotta start somewhere, right?

Besides my abs/core was sore from yesterday's Super girl plank.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bodyrock tv: 100 reps Super girl Plank

Another workout challenge from Zuzana, which in my opinion might look easy but actually pretty challenging to do once you do it.

Try to do 100 reps of Super Girl Plank as fast as possible but still focus on keeping the proper form. Start in plank position then extend one arm and the opposite leg like this:

I've been out for the whole day and while waiting for dinner to be ready at the in-laws, I did this in 4:36.

After I got home before hitting the shower I tried to do it again, hoping beating my other record. Not quite. I did it in 5:04 instead. Oh well, worth of trying.

Saturday, December 4, 2010 Fat Destroyer Workout

I thought I'd take my weekends as day off from working out as usual, but not today. Even though I didn't get up early morning as usual, I managed to do this before lunch. Hence, I got to enjoy the homemade wontons that my mom made :) Totally Fat Destroyer Workout.

Workout breakdown:
10 sec off/50 sec on for 20 rounds.

1. Sandbag squat & Twisted Knee Up (alternating sides)

2. Triceps Push Ups & Leg Lift (alternating legs)

3. 1 Leg Get Up and Knee Up (Left)

4. 1 Leg Get Up and Knee Up (Right)

5. Burpee with Knee Raises (I did Jump Tuck instead because I don't have a dip

For the sandbag squats and 1 leg get up I used a pair of 10 lbs dumbbells but had to go down to a pair of 8 lbs for 2nd half. This workout really kills my legs. Not to mention my left triceps was still sore from yesterday's High Knees and Get ups (I powered up using my arms a lot to get up)

Friday, December 3, 2010 60 reps of High Knee Get Ups

Another time challenge workout from Zuzana at

Workout breakdown:
Run in place with high knees for 10 times then drop down. When the chest and the belly touch the exercise mat, power up to a standing position. That's 1 round.
Do these for 60 rounds as fast as possible.

My time: 8:57

I think my form might hinder after a while like not drawing my knees as high as the beginning. Besides it was hard to keep track counting the high knees plus the rounds. I just kept mark strokes on the paper everytime I completed 2 rounds. In the end I did 61 reps :)

Not bad for a mini workout when I just need to get my booty moving.

Anyway, I need this endorphin kick into my system to ease up last night incident. I hit someone's car when I was backing up in the office parking lot. Argh!

Thursday, December 2, 2010 Sexy Sweat Supremacy Workout

Another interval training from Zuzana, which I almost almost wanted to skip this morning. It's getting harder and harder to get up in the dark and cold morning to exercise. But then in my head I kept telling myself that if I didn't get up then I would ended up not doing workout at all today.

Today's workout require some set up for the reverse push up. I don't have a dip station, so I had to arrange my 2 bar stools and my floor mop handle. Also a cushion mat for the bicycle.

Workout breakdown:
Set the interval timer for 10 sec on/ 40 sec off for 24 rounds (I mistakenly set it as 20 rounds so had to set the timer back at the last round)

1. 10 Mountain Climbers & 1 Push Ups (count as 1 rep)

2. One Arm row (alternating arm after each rep) - I used 12 lbs dumbbells

3. Forward and Backward Lunge (Left side) - only used my own bodyweight
11-12-11.5-13 (last one was when I had to pause to set the timer back hence the
higher reps)

4. Forward and Backward Lunge (Right side)

5. Reverse Push Ups (half way)

6. Bicycle

My energy was a bit low today, prolly from the lack of sleep.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010 600 Side Step Ups

Another exercise challenge, 600 Side Step Ups (300 reps each leg) as fast as possible. I wasn't even close to half of it.

I only managed to do 200 (100 reps each leg) and it took me 12:16. Imagine Zuzana who completed 600 reps in 9:54.

Still a loooong way for me.