Saturday, December 31, 2011

ATF Calisthenics Workout

Original workout from: Angry Trainer Fitness

This workout Day #2 of Angry Trainer Fitness 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Workout. I wasn't feeling too energetic today so this full cardio workout was a great one to do. I modified it into a sort of interval workout (except for the jumping jacks) based on his original post.

3 Rounds of this entire circuit:
Do 100 Jumping Jacks then set the timer to 20 sec rest/ 1 minute on for 5 rounds for the ones below:
High Knees 117-184-174
Jump Rope 114-120-132
Burpees 10-10-10
Mountain Climbers 80-86-80
V-Ups 18-19-20

Take a little break then reset the timer and repeat everything until you did 3 rounds!

Thursday, December 29, 2011 Rock Me , Feel So Good, Abs Bonus DOUBLE TRIPLE TROUBLE Workouts

Original workouts from

So here what happened. I woke up around 2:30 am for no reason and couldn't fall back asleep. After an hour later, I decided to get up and started to workout! Not only that, I did 3 workouts and doubled the rounds from its original to create about 20 minutes mashed up workouts!

Rock Me Workout: 10 sec off/50 sec on for 8 rounds
SB Low Jack 28-18
Elevated Push up & 2 Knee Tucks 8-8
SB front & back squat 12-12
SB overhead forward lunge and press 7-13

For SB low jack: mixed and matched using 20lbs backpack and only my bodyweight. Same thing with the Overhead Forward Lunge and Press combo.

Feel so Good Workout: 10 sec off/50 sec on for 8 rounds
Burpee & Knee Raise 7-7
One V Up & Dip Station Lift 7-7
1 Triceps dip & 1 Core Split 9-7
Elevated Reverse Push up 10-12

Dip station lift was tough. I had to modify it towards the end of the round by keeping my feet on the ground and just lift my bums. Did a modified triceps dips as I am not strong enough to do it with both my legs off the ground. I could do some elevated reverse push up but then had to do a regular one after a couple reps.

Feel so Good Abs Bonus Workout: 10 sec off/50 sec for 6 rounds
Circle Abs 29-25
Side Oblique V Ups (Left) 29-23
Side Oblique V Ups (Right) 25-23

If you're curious, I did record all of these with the exception of the first one because I forgot! My forms might not be the best but keep in mind that I was working out early morning at 4 am and I just rolled out from the bed.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 Paradise Workout - TRIPLE!

Original workout:

After a little day off from working out yesterday, I tripled this 4 minute workout to give myself a total 12 minute of HIIT.

10 sec off/50 sec on for 12 rounds (originally 4 rounds)
Reptile Push Up With Leg Lift on the Ball or chair 15-10-12
SB Clean, Press Up & 3 Jump Squats 6-6-6
Alt. Forward/Backward Lunge & SB Twist (fwd+back counted as 1 rep) 4-9-9
High Knees Skipping 83-87-100

For reptile push up, I just did regular push ups from the ball and by 3rd round I ditched the ball and did push up from the floor. For lunge combo, I used 20lbs backpack but ditched it for the last 2 rounds as I had hard time balancing and keeping a good form.

Great sweaty morning workout!

Monday, December 26, 2011

ATF: Strength Workout

Original workout: Angry Trainer Fitness

This workout Day #1 of Angry Trainer Fitness 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Workout. It's a nice change to mix and match my training to keep my muscles guessing. I modified some of the workout names for my own purposes.

3 Sets of:
15 Weighted Press
15 Weighted Santana Plank (each side)
15 Weighted Squats
15 Bent over Rows
15 Weighted Deadlifts

Rest for 30 seconds in between circuit.

For the weighted Santana Plank, I started off with 8lbs dumbbell but then my left side wasn't strong enough to do it so I had to scale it down to a dumbbell stick which is about 2.5 lbs. For the rest, I used 20lbs backpack.

Time: 21:54

And if you're interested, I recorded myself doing this workout. Who knows video editing could be quite fun :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011 Christmas Day Abs Bonus - TRIPLE!

Original workout:

I've been sitting on my ass for almost the entire day..yeah sitting in front of my laptop browsing around, Facebooking, etc you named it. So when posted their last 4 Christmas workouts, I was excited to see abs workout that I could do without much preparation. To make it worth more, I triple it to make it 9 minute workout instead of 3.

10 sec off/50 sec on for 9 rounds (originally 3 rounds)
Circle Abs 23-20-21
V Ups (Left) 30-26-22
V Ups (Right) 29-23-22

Saturday, December 24, 2011 Get in Hot Stuff Workout - Triple!

Original workout:

I was super pumped up today that I made 4 minute workout into 12 minute interval and the 3 minute abs became 9 minute.

Part #1: 10 sec off/50 sec on for 12 rounds (Get in Hot Stuff)
SB clean, press up & 2 sumo knees up (20lbs backpack) 10-10-9
Ugi Chop (with 8lbs dumbbell) 18-18-21
Elevated dip station push up 13-13-11
Shoulder SB lift, back lunge & kick up (20lbs backpack) 8-8-8

Part #2: 10 sec off/50 sec on for 9 rounds (Kissable Abs)
Oblique sit up with raised arms 25-18-17
Weighted oblique twist bicycle** (with 8lbs dumbbell-pretty much similar to P90X mason twists) 37-46-43
Leg raise & core split combo 9-9-9

The oblique sit up with raised arms was super tough. After the first round, I had to modify it by keeping one of my foot down on the floor instead hovering the round the entire time. For leg raise and core split combo, after the first round, I had to do knee raise with core split and in the end I had to put my feet down after each raise.

**After rewatching the video again, I realized I didn't do the oblique twist bicycle correctly. I only did the way how P90X Ab Ripper X mason twist.**

Friday, December 23, 2011 Dragon Abs Bodyweight and Party Rock Workout

First part was the bodyweight alternative from Dragon Abs workout and second part is from Party Rock workout with equipment.

Part #1: 10 sec off/50 sec on for 4 rounds
2 push ups & jump up (jump tuck or on a bench) 6
Starburst jump squat 20
Burpee and jump twist 8
Crossed leg push ups 12

Part #2: 10 sec off/50 sec on for 4 rounds
SB row, clean, press up, squat & press up (20lbs backpack) 6
Ugi Push Up (with backpack) 10
SB overhead, 1 forward lunge, 1 SB press & 1 jump lunge 4 (I totally messed up on this sequence)
Elevated leg reverse push up 11

Instead of the actual video, I finally put together videos of me doing the workout with "Bodyrock" Anthem music. Sorry for the blurry video on the first one - apparently the camera wasn't properly focused when recording.

Thursday, December 22, 2011 Party Rock Bodyweight Workout

Original workout:

This is part of Party Rock workout that doesn't require any equipment. Perfect for someone like me who don't have enough time in early morning to workout before going to work.

Part #1: 10 sec off/50 sec on for 4 rounds
2 jump squats + 1 jump tuck + 1 jump lunge 6
Staggered push up & 1 knee side knee tuck 10
1 mountain climber & kick up (alt. side) 14
2 jump forward, 1 push up, 1 jump tuck & 2 jump back 3

Ab bonus: 10 sec off/50 sec on for 3 rounds
Weighted single toe touch & V-ups (with 20lbs backpack) 5
Core splits 15
Sleeping crab 11

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Dragon Abs Workout & 3 minute ab bonus

Original workout:

It was an early cold morning and I was really in time crunch so I did first part workout with bodyweight only except for the 3 minute abs.

Part #1: 10 sec off/ 50 sec on for 4 rounds
2 Jump Squats (with or without sandbag) & 2 Push Ups 7
1 Sandbag squat (alt.shoulder), 2 push ups, 1 jump tuck 4
10 high knees & 10 mountain climber (with(out) sandbag) 6
Push Up & side knee tuck hold 8

Part #2: 10 sec off/50 sec on for 3 rounds
Bike Abs (keep feet above the floor all the time) 60
V-Up Abs on a bench 26
Weighted Sit up & Press Up (20 lbs backpack) 6

Monday, December 19, 2011 Pumped Up Kicks Workout

Original workout from I modified the exercise names to make them easier and more descriptive for me.

Part #1: 10 sec off/30 sec on for 24 rounds
Frog jump & 2 push ups 5-4
High Knees Skipping 59-45
Clean, Press, Squat & Press (20lbs backpack) 4-5
High Knees Skipping 58-41
Around the world & squat (20lbs backpack) 5-6
High Knees Skipping 55-45
Jump Lunge & Twist (8lbs dumbbell) 8-7
High Knees Skipping 55-50
Elevated push up 8-9
High Knees Skipping 42-40
Leg Raise & Diagonal Knee Raise combo 7-5
High Knees Skipping 50-49

Part #2: 10 sec off/50 sec on for 3 rounds (3 minute Abs bonus)
Side Plank Crunch (Left) 18
Knee Raise 19
Side Plank Crunch (Right) 14

Ok instead of posting video, I posted my video when doing this workout so next time I could see how I could improve my own forms!

Saturday, December 17, 2011 The One That Got Away Workout & Sumo Squat Step Up Exercise Challenge

With this extremely short workout, I can make any excuses for not working out, right?

Part #1: 10 sec off/ 20 sec on for 8 rounds
Mountain Climbers 55-45-37-37
Jump Lunges 15-15-15-15

Part #2: 10 sec off/50 sec on for 3 rounds
Elbow Plank & Leg Lift (alt.sides) 33
Reptile Push Ups 10 (my upper body is still sore from yesterday workout)
Elbow Plank & Leg Lift (alt.sides) 27

And I decided to do another exercise challenge to make today a complete workout with 100 reps Sumo Squat & Step Up Exercise Challenge.

Time: 18:36 (old: 19:46) - ok not much improvement, but could be because I sort of exhausted my legs from earlier workout.

Friday, December 16, 2011 Butt Fat Meltdown 2

Another older workout, Butt Fat Melt Down, which I did back in May. Let's see how this goes!

Part #1: 5 minute interval training (5 sec off/20 sec on for 12 rounds)
Push Up & Side Pike Jump (alternating sides) 7-6-6-5-4-5 (old: 7-7-5-5-5-5)
Plank Elbow and Knee Tuck 12-12-11-12-12-12-12 (old: 12-12-12-12-10-12)

Part #2: 3 minute time challenge
Do 5 side to side half squat with Sandbag on shoulder, drop down and power up (I used my 25 lbs backpack)
I completed 13 sets (old 8 sets & 5 side to side squats)

Part #3: 5 minute interval training (5 sec off/20 sec on for 12 rounds)
Jump Squat 16-11-10-9-9-10 (old: 14-10-10-10-11-10)
Side Crunch (alternating sides) 9-10-10-10-10-10 (old: 10-11-10-10-9-9)

Extras: 10 Burpees

Thursday, December 15, 2011 Whoop Ass Workout

Original workout:

No rest interval. Do free style skipping for every 40 sec and 20 sec of different type of strength training.

Workout: 40 sec/ 20 sec for 4 rounds (repeat the entire 4 min circuit 5 times)
Skipping (high knees) 60s-70s
Chin Ups (subbed with 1 leg assisted Dips) 5-6-7-6-6
Skipping (regular) 40s-50s
Push Ups 5-5-5-5-5
Skipping (scissors) 40s-50s
Reverse Push Ups 5-5-6-5-7
Skipping (jumping jack) 40s
Knee Raises 9-9-9-9-9

All numbers above are approximate. I didn't really count the skipping but roughly I remembered the range.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Triple X Workout

Another old workout which I haven't done before. This should be interesting and looks like it's one of a long workout than the typical ones.

Part #1- 10 rounds:
10 Snowboarder (alt. sides)
10 Backward lunge & Kick Up (Left)
10 Backward lunge & Kick Up (Right)

Time 14:29

Part #2 - 4 minutes time challenge:
Get ups (max reps)

Completed 46 unassisted.

Part #3 - 10 sec off/30 sec on for 12 rounds
One Leg Sliding Deadlift (Left) 10-8-7-8
One Leg Sliding Deadlift (Right) 9-8-8-7
High Knees Skipping 68-63-53-70

For the sliding deadlift, I used my 20lbs backpack and hold it against my back instead holding them like the way Zuzka did with her kettlebell.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Upper Body Strength Training

Not much time to workout this morning so:

AM: 100 Knee Raises

PM: 100 Reverse Push Ups

Didn't measure the timer either!

Gave my legs some breaks before hitting hard again tomorrow!

Sunday, December 11, 2011 Body on Fire Workout

Ok finally I've decided to do actual workout that involves pistols! Let's see how can I sustain in this workout!

Workout: 5 X (40 sec/40 sec (no rest interval) for 3 rounds)
Over and Under (from left to right) 40 seconds 10-11-10-11
Over and Under (from right to left) 40 seconds 10-11-8-10-9
Dancing Crab with Jump Up 40 seconds 6-5-6-6-7
Triple Knee Tucks 40 seconds 9-10-10-9-10
Pistol and Switching Leg (alt side) 40 seconds 4-3-3-4-3
Swimming Push Ups 40 seconds 7-8-7-8-8

Since there was no rest interval, all the numbers above were just approximate. I did try my best to memorize all of them in 1 round.

Extras: 10 Burpees

Saturday, December 10, 2011 Bust It Out Workout

A slightly different style workout, combining interval and time challenge workout. Unlike typical interval workout, this time it has longer rest and active time and there're prescribed amount of reps that we need to complete in each 4 minute time block.

Workout: 40 sec off / 4 mins on for 3 rounds
First 4 minute:
10 SB Jump Lunges (15lbs backpack) 40
10 Staggered Push Ups 32

40 seconds break

Second 4 minute:
20 Reverse Push Ups 42
10 Elbow Plank Side Hops 20

40 seconds break

Third 4 minute:
20 SB Jump Squat (15lbs backpack) 40
10 Dive Bomber Push Ups 17

Scores are total reps of each exercise.

I just realized it supposedly 20 jump lunges each round instead of 10..oh well!

Friday, December 9, 2011 Not Afraid Workout 2

It's time to revisit Not Afraid Workout. Let's see if I could beat my old PR!

Workout breakdown: Do the entire circuit 2 times
Part #1: Crab Pike Press (3 minute time challenge)
P1 27 // P2 28 (old: 23 // 20)

Part #2: Interval Training (10 sec off/30 sec on for 6 rounds)
High Knees Rope
P1 66-61-53 // P2 65-53-53 (old: 43-33-53 // 55-40-45)

Burpee and Knee Raise on Dip station
P1 4-4-4 // P2 4-4-4 (old: 4-4-3.5 // 4-3-3.5) - did seated leg raises on the floor)

Part #3: Ninja Lunges (3 minute time challenge)
P1 16 // P2 18 (old: 12 // 14)

Extras: 10 Burpees & 5 Pistols (each leg). I've been slacking on practicing my pistols lately so I'm going to ease into it again.

Thursday, December 8, 2011 Hot Quickie Workout

An old workout from Zuzana which unfortunately doesn't have the breakdown on the site, so I just put the reps based on what I saw from the video (the first half was uncut so I assume it represents the actual reps for each move).

Workout: Do as many rounds in 15 minutes
5 jump lunges
5 reverse push ups
5 jump squats
5 push ups

Result: 14 rounds + 3 Jump Lunges

I did this workout without any warm up due to time constraint. In the end it was still a good workout, wish I could push myself a bit more (as I always tell myself AFTER the workout ended).

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 Damn Hot Body Workout

Original workout from This one surely looks brutal!

Workout: 10 sec off/30 sec on for 36 rounds (or could do 9 rounds then repeat after a short break)
Squat & Press Up (Right arm) with 15lbs dumbbell 6-6-6-6
Squat & Press Up (Left arm) with 15lbs dumbbell 6-5-5-5
Half burpee 9-9-9-9
One Leg Bridge (Right leg) 13-15-15-15
One Leg Bridge (Left leg) 16-18-19-16
Half burpee 9-9-8-8
Triceps Dips & Knee Raises 6-7-6-6 (I did one leg assisted dips)
One Leg Sit & Lift (Left leg) 19-20-19-18
One Leg Sit & Lift (Right leg) 19-20-21-19

I did the entire 36 rounds nonstop and afterward I did 10 burpees for finishing up.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011 Tight Jeans Booty Workout 5

Although I did Tight Jeans Booty workout couple times before (see here, here and here), my goal is to beat to the one I did back in January since it was the only time I did it as prescribed.

Workout breakdown:
Set 15 minutes countdown on the timer and do:
50 reps jump rope jacks
30 reps three directions crunches (each crunch count as 1 rep)

My scores: 350 jump rope jacks & 196 crunches (old 300 jump rope jacks and 162 crunches)

Sunday, December 4, 2011 1000 reps Workout

It'll definitely rain of sweat after doing this 1000 reps workout! I renamed some of the exercise to help me remember it better.

Workout: 10 rounds of this entire circuit
10 half burpees
10 SB squat jump (20lbs backpack)
10 push ups
10 toe touches
10 triceps dips (I did 1 leg assisted using dip station)
10 jump tucks
10 elbow plank jacks
10 jump lunges
10 leg lifts
10 plank jumps

At end of round 5, I was at 25:54. Hm, not bad.
Round 1-5 I still used 20 lbs backpack for squat jump. Round 6-7, I used the bag halfway and bodyweight halfway. Round 8-10, I just did bodyweight for the jump squats.

One important thing: I noticed I wasn't out of breath that much by breathing thru my nose and kept my mouth close the entire time! Apparently, it helped me to power thru the entire workout without being too exhausted!

I finished the entire 10 rounds in 54:57

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Workout Schedule: Dec 4-10 It Will Rain Sweat (1000 reps) Workout Tight Jeans Booty Workout (PR 1) Hot Quickie Workout Damn Sexy Body Workout Not Afraid Workout (PR 1) Bust It Out Workout Ab Blitz Workout

Now that I already sort of "mastered" jump rope exercise, it's time to tackle this workout! Lots of skipping, I'd tell ya!

500 high knees skipping
30 leg lift, star crunch, butt lift
500 jump rope jack
25 side plank lifts (each side)
500 jump rope scissors
25 one leg bridge, leg lift, toe touch

Time 27:52

Friday, December 2, 2011 One Legged Gypsy Workout

An old workout which I haven't tried ever, one legged of everything! :)

Warm up: 4 minute interval skipping (10 sec off/20 sec on for 8 rounds)

Workout: Complete as many round within 16 minutes
25 One Leg Wall Sit (each leg)
10 One Leg Crawl (each leg)
25 One Leg Sit Up (each side)
25 One Leg Deadlift (each leg)

For One Leg Deadlift, I had 8lbs dumbbell so I didn't raise my hands above my head- next time I should do that.

Just like Zuzana, I was only couple reps away to complete 2 rounds before the time ran out (the timer went off when I was at my 8th reps of Left leg deadlift-the last one)

Thursday, December 1, 2011 Look Hot in Your Undies Workout

Another brutal workout from Sean.

Workout: 10 sec off/50 sec on for 12 rounds
Keg Press with SB 14-11-12
Plyo push up with SB 12-10-11 (2nd & 3rd halfway modified to side to side push up)
Ninja jump, SB press up and jump tuck 5-5-5
Burpee & Knee Raises 6-6-6

SB= 20lbs backpack