Friday, March 5, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 2: Day 34 - Kenpo X

Did Kenpo this morning. Boy, how I just hate seeing Westley Wesley Idol to be in the Kenpo video workout. His form was so flabby compared to Vanessa and Tony the former marine. I don't want to brag but I think my form is much BETTER THAN him! K mentioned that maybe Westley Idol gave big donation of making this Kenpo X video so Tony just had to give him a spot to be in the video. Thus Westley Wesley thinking he's one of the monetary contributor, didn't think he should work too hard.

Anyway, enough rant about that. I still like Kenpo even though I can feel that it doesn't work me out that much compare to the other P90X cardio workouts. I still need to work on my kicks though (especially the back kick). This morning I didn't wear proper workout pants so some of my kick movements were wobbly.


Anonymous said...

Is Wesley Idol!

Hattori said...

Thx for the spelling correction :P