Sunday, September 30, 2012

LovingFit: Destroy Me Workout

Original workout: LovingFit

Part #1: 10 sec off/45 sec on for 12 Rounds
DB Side Lunge (Right) 10-10-10
DB Back Lunge Pulses (Right) 26-29-30
DB Side Lunge (Left) 10-10-10
DB Back Lunge Pulses (Left) 28-30-32

For side lunge, always drop the dumbbells on the ground before picking it up again.

Part #2: 3 Rounds
50 squat pulse with balance ball against the wall holding weight overhead
15 ball plank roll
15 V Up Abs with weight
20 bicycle with weight

Time 13:29

Part #3: 10 sec off/25 sec on for 8 Rounds
Jump lunges with 2 dumbbells 9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9

Dumbbells: 12.5lbs each (25 lbs total)
Weight= 10 lbs mini sandbag

I didn't do jump lunges for part #3 since I want to give my left toe to recover, so I just did back lunge step with a pair of dumbbells.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

LovingFit: Force of Muscle Workout

Original workout: LovingFit

50 acro spiderman push ups
30 wall climbers
50 twisted chair dips
30 wall climbers
30 pull up & leg raise
30 wall climbers
25 one leg pike press
30 wall climbers
50 stretching cobra

1. For spiderman push up I only did regular one leg push up
2. For twister chair dips, I just did tricep dips push ups without twisting
3. for pull up I did 15 seated pull up (unassisted on way down) and 15 leg raises
4. For pike press, I didn't use any elevated surface on one hand

My modifications video:

Time 36:03

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back to Basics Upper Body Workout

I saw this workout breakdown on one of Tatianna from LovingFit post at EvilCyber and I thought, heh, why not trying it? Trust me, this is harder than it looks!

Part #1:
3-4 Rounds:
8-10 push ups
8-10 pull ups (subbed with assisted seated pull ups on a dip station)
12-15 dive bombers
12-15 dips
10-12 dumbbell hammer curls (I did each side with 12.5lbs DB)
15 back lifts (superman)

I did 3 rounds but didn't time it since I wanted to focus on my forms. Roughly it might be around 20 minutes.

Part #2: 10 sec/40 sec for 12 rounds interval cardio
Burpees (no push ups)
High knees with jump rope
Mt. Climbers

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

LovingFit: Hard Body Skater Workout

Original workout: LovingFit

Part #1: 16 minute countdown
10 reps skater lunge (diagonal back lunge and knee up)- each leg
10 low squat DB Swings (used a pair of 12.5 lbs dumbbell)

Completed 10 rounds

Part #2: 4 minute countdown
10 ball roll
10 side plank mill (each side)

Completed 1 Round + 10 ball roll + 10 side plank mill one side

After the timer was over, I completed 10 side plank mill on the other side.

Then I did Good Posture Challenge, which I've been doing for the past 2 weeks and in the evening, I did Sharp Abs Challenge.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

LovingFit: Fitness Freak Workout

Original workout: LovingFit

Today was very hot and humid which made me dragged this workout all the way until late afternoon. It wasn't a wise choice since morning would be the best time to do the workout for the lack of heat and humidity.

Part #1: Time Challenge
30 reps sliding pike press and push up combo

Time 8:17

Part #2: 5 sec off/15 sec on for 15 rounds
Diagonal outward palm push ups
Diamond dive Bomber Push Up
Sun Exercises

I didn't bother to write down my reps for second one. The main thing for today's workout was so I could at least moved myself a bit more.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lower Body Workout: LovingFit Quest Booty and CBBC #1

I am in the process of changing my training a bit. It's still a split routine lower and upper body but I am doing a little longer workout during weekend because:
1. I know I don't have to rush and finish the workout before certain time
2. For sure I get better sleep than weekdays
3. Did I say that I have more time?

Anyway today's agenda was originally to be upper body workout but I had to changed it to lower body in the last minute.

Today's Agenda:
500 skips as a warm up (almost unbroken done in 4:07)

1 Round LovingFit Sharp Abs Challenge


LovingFit Quest Booty Workout
10 Rounds:
12 sandbag diagonal back lunge and knee up (each side)- 35 lbs sandbag
12 weighted jump lunges - 8lb dumbbell
6 leg raise on a dip station

Time 34:55

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lower Body Workout

Time 8:41

ZWOW #33 (original workout by Zuzana Light)
15 minute AMPRAP
10 side lunge burpees (alt. sides)
10 sets of 10 squat pulses with jump up
10 james bond lunge (alt. sides)
15 side plank leg lift (leg front & back = 1 rep) - each side

Result: 3 Rounds + 8 Burpees

Time 9:00

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LovingFit: Catwalk Body Workout

Warm up: 500 freestyle skips

Original workout: LovingFit

Part 1: 5 minute time challenge
Staggered Spiderina Push-Up
Start with half squat, get into plank triceps lift in staggered position. Then tuck the knee to the elbow of the hand that's closer to the leg- then lift the other leg up- and jump back to half squat position.

22 reps

6 Diamond Push-Ups
Wall Climber Runner & Wall Climber 20 and 20 reps or 40 total

Part 2: 5 minute time challenge.
3 Pull-Ups (unassisted on a way down)
6 Push-Back Push-Ups
4 sets

6 Diamond Push-Ups
Wall Climber Runner & Wall Climber 20 and 20 reps or 40 total

Part 3: 5 minute time challenge
6 Mountain Jump & One Leg Push-Off Push-Up Combo
Roll Over
6 Back Lifts
3 sets + 4 Mt.Jump Combo

6 Diamond Push-Ups
Wall Climber Runner & Wall Climber 20 and 20 reps or 40 total

1. I did seated pull up for the pull ups (hold up for 3 sec each)
2. For wall climber runner & wall climber, I just did elevated mountain climber on a chair.
3. Did 3 diamond push ups on toes and 3 on knees to get most full range motion with dumbbells as my push up bars.

Monday, September 17, 2012

LovingFit: Abs Inferno and Light Cardio

Warm up:
3 rounds of planks
1 round Sharper Abs Challenge
2 minute freestyle skipping

Original workout: LovingFit

Abs Inferno
I modified the timer to 10 sec off/50 sec on for 18 rounds

3 Way Abs combo 25-17-20 (with 10lbs mini sandbag)
Crab with crossed leg touch 25-23-25
Knee raise hold with leg raise 10-11-10
Squat and kick over (alt. sides) 19-20-22
Elevated mountain climbers 29-30-42
Open bicycle 15-14-13

500 Skips afterward: 3:53

Sunday, September 16, 2012

LovingFit: Booty Pop Siren

Warm up:
2 minute skipping

Original workout: LovingFit

Part #1: 5 minute countdown:
12 Sandbag squats
12 jump lunges

Result: 5 Rounds squats + 4 rounds Jump lunges

2 Rounds: 15 one leg bridge on a ball (each side)

Part #2: 5 minute countdown:
12 One leg chair squats (each side)

Result: 3 rounds right side + 2 rounds left side

2 Rounds: 15 one leg bridge on a ball (each side)

Part #3: 5 minute countdown:
12 Sandbag squat pulses
12 2 pulses low jacks

Result: 6 rounds squat pulses + 5 rounds low jack pulses

2 Rounds: 15 one leg bridge on a ball (each side)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The journey from a skinny fat to a skinny fit continues

It's been a while for not putting together my progress picture and I think it's a good time to see how far I've come through.

And it doesn't end here. My goal to be a skinny fit still continues.

LovingFit: Magnetic Sweat

After 5 days of active rest, it's time to jump back on and apparently I picked a very difficult workout to start off.

Original workout: LovingFit

Part #1: 11 sec/ 11 sec for 10 rounds (no break)
Seated Pull Up hold or Leg raise hold on dip station
Triceps hold with alternating leg lifts

I could only hold the first 2-3 rounds with leg raise. The rest I had to do knee raise hold.

Part #2:
50 elevated 1 leg clock push up
20 double bike (1 up and 2 down as 1 rep)
3 rounds 10 reps or 2 rounds 15 reps per side regenerate rows
30 Sandbag pick up and 2 press up
30 2 way dive bomber
3 rounds 10 reps or 2 rounds 15 reps per side dumbbell shoulder lateral raise
80 crab
3 rounds 10 reps or 2 rounds 15 reps bent over side raises

Sandbag: 35 lbs
dumbbell: 16lbs (8lbs each)

1. I did regular one leg push up using dumbbells as my push up bar
2. I did regular dive bomber and had to go down to knees for the last 10 reps

Time 39:07

Sunday, September 9, 2012

LovingFit: Strength Couture Cardio & Core Workout

Warm Up:
CBBC# 1 & CBBC #2
Planks variations
2 minute freestyle skipping

Note: Since my left ankle already healed, this was my first time doing CBBC#1 & CBBC#2 as RXed. Butt kick jump squat totally fun and hard at the same time and rocket launchers totally killed my quads a lot (those in and outs count as 1 rep btw)

Original workout: LovingFit

Twisted Forward Backward Jump ( our new jump variation ) – 100 reps
Core Slides – 20 Reps ( Try to go through the full 20 reps without a break )
Side Jump Lunge – 10 rounds of 12 reps per leg
Core Slides – 20 Reps
Jump Over & Jump Tuck – 50 Reps

Time 26:23

Finish off: CBBC #3 which took me 9:45

Now I'm going to take my consecutive 4-5 days off from working out, which I usually do after 6 weeks of training.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

LovingFit Circuit Training Upper Body Workout

Original workout: LovingFit

3 Rounds:
6 push back push up & 2 side plank lifts
6 sandbag pick up and 3 press up
6 regular pull ups + wider grip pull up
6 2 dips and 2 diamond push up
6 dumbbell front raise and bend over shoulder raise
6 dive bomber push up and shoulder press

- I did straight legs and bent legs reverse body rows for the pull ups
- I did diamond push up on my knees, holding dumbbells as my push up bars and went really low to work on my muscles, keeping my elbows tuck to my sides

Dumbbell = 16 lbs (2x8lbs)
Sandbag = 35 lbs.

Time 28:43

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lower Body Armageddon Workout

According to my schedule, today was supposed to be an active rest day but I felt I needed an outlet so I did this workout after I came back home. Besides since tomorrow I don't have to get up early to go to work (working from home for half day), I might as well take this advantage.

Today's workouts mostly focus on lower body, with some upper body.

Warm up:
Dynamic stretching
1 set of LovingFit Sharper Abs Challenge

ZWOW#32 Show Me Your Strength by Zuzka Light
3 Rounds:
60 side hops
10 triceps dips
10 broad jumps
5 thrusters (using a pair of 15 lbs dumbbell)
10 Russian twist (15lbs dumbbell)

Time 7:53

I know I supposed to do 1 mile run after ZWOW#32 but I already did my run in the morning catching my train..HA!

Instead I did CBBC#1 and
another set of LovingFit Sharper Abs Challenge

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LovingFit: Sun Kissed Abs Core & ZWOW #31 Circuit Sweat

Warm up:
3-4 sets of plank hold (1 minute each)
1 round LovingFit Sharper Abs Challenge
Dynamic stretching

Abs& Core workout: LovingFit
30 reps ab core (start in V pose, lower the legs without dropping-back to V pose- lie down-do toe touch-back to V pose)
15 diagonal elbow plank reptile (each side) (start with elbow plank, do side knee tuck and lift leg up - keep leg off the ground the entire time)
30 bent leg side to side sit up (bent both legs, keeping them off the ground the entire time, then do sit up, reaching side way)
30 rolling core (lie down, straight legs and keep them off the ground the entire time, do side to side knee tucks)
15 side plank mill & diagonal knee tuck (each side) (start with side plank, then reach forward, touch the off ground hand with opposite knee)

Time 14:35

ZWOW#31: Circuit Sweat
3 Rounds:
10 push ups
20 competition burpees
30 jump squats (I only did squats)
40 mountain climbers
50 sit ups

Time 19:22

Monday, September 3, 2012

LovingFit: Tear it Up Workout

Warm up:
Dynamic stretching
CBBC#3 (bodyweight only - did 10 reps for each for 3 Rounds)
1 round LovingFit Sharper Abs Challenge

Lower Body Workout: LovingFit

Part#1: 10 sec off/45 sec on for 6 Rounds
Stretching surfer (start with half squat then jump around do side lunge, stretching the other leg then jump around again as 1 rep)

Part#2: 10 sec off/45 sec on for 6 Rounds
Weighted Side Lunge and Diagonal Reach up (switch side after 1 interval)

Part #3: 10 sec off/45 sec on for 6 Rounds
Alt. 1 leg bridge on balance ball 12-14-15
Weighted crunch w/ side reach 15-15-19

Part #4: 10 sec off/45 sec on for 6 Rounds
Weighted diagonal jump lunge 15-13-13
Weighted squat pulse with balance ball on wall 25-19-20

Part #5: 4 Rounds:
12 reps plank roll on balance ball

I didn't time it.

For weight, I used 10lbs mini sandbag.

Basically I skipped all the jumps as my left ankle isn't completely heal yet.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

LovingFit: Mind is Everything Workout

Warm up:
Dynamic stretching
2 Rounds LovingFit Sharp Abs Challenge

Upper Body workout: LovingFit

Part#1: 10 sec off/40 sec on for 6 Rounds
Turning bridge Push Ups

Part #2: 10 sec off/40 sec on for 6 Rounds
Abs Combo (weighted knee tucks and reach up)- with 4 lbs ankle weights

Ab Twist (Start with boat pose then roll side way reaching up - keeping feet off the ground all time) - with ankle weights 3-4lbs

Part #3: 3 Rounds
10 push up rows (each side) - with a pair of 8lbs dumbbell
10 regular pike press

Time 11:49

Part #4: 10 sec/40 sec for 6 Rounds (no rest interval)
40 sec reverse body rows with dip station (roughly did 5-12 reverse body rows)
10 sec leg hold

Then I did the last round of the Sharp Abs Challenge.

- For the reverse rows, I only did 1 version since my dip station only allows me one style of reverse body rows.

Workout schedule: Sept 2-Sept 8

Sunday, Sept 2: LovingFit Mind is Everything Workout

Monday, Sept 3: LovingFit Tear It Up Workout with CBBC#3 Warm up

Tuesday, Sept 4: LovingFit Sun Kissed Abs & Core Workout & ZWOW#31 Circuit Sweat

Wednesday, Sept 5: Active Rest Day

Thursday, Sept 6: Active Rest Day

Friday, Sept 7: CBBC#1 & CBBC#2

Saturday, Sept 8: Rest day