Saturday, May 22, 2010

Round 2: Day 21: Beach workout

It was tougher than I thought to get up at 4:30 am on weekend. This morning I was debating whether I should forget the beach jog and got more Zs. But I conquered that! Also to my surprise, my abs was a bit sore today! Guess the reverse ARX yesterday did the trick! Not to mention I threw additional bunch of crunches after the main workout.

This morning workout was quite a blast. From brisk walking, jogging, running, sprinting and back to jog and brisk walking. On one way it was a bit tougher because we had to run against the wind but was a little easier on the way back. It wasn't too cold but for the first 30 minutes of my workout I couldn't sweat at all, my face, ears and hands were freezing cold. Regardless I kept going.

My husband K could jog pretty good, even towards the end I couldn't catch up with him when he was sprinting. Maybe because he's 5'11" and I'm only 5'5"? Not to mention he doesn't exercise every single day like me and yet he still has better endurance than me. Oh well it gives me another point of view that I need to work twice harder than I am. My right foot still feels a bit discomfort.When I was jogging/running, there were couple times I felt that I should just stop and did brisk walking. But my ego got in the way, especially seeing K kept keeping up with his pace without trouble. I consider myself to be a bit competitive sometimes.

Hopefully my right foot won't get worse tomorrow. Another beach run tomorrow morning.

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