Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 90 picture and P90X review

Ok, so I've finished P90X boot camp and I am quite proud of myself to stay dedicated with the workout schedule for the past 3 months. It wasn't easy to get up at 4:30 am every day to workout while everyone else in the house were sleeping. Not to mention I felt a bit sleepy at work. However, after a while my body got used to it and I even develop a habit to go to bed at 10:00 pm! :D

Overall, P90X is an EXTREME program, especially if you are totally out of shape. I actually got P90X last year, but I have never tried to do the whole 90 days program. Basically I just picked and chose whichever workout I wanted to try on certain day, so there wasn't any particular schedule that I followed. The first thing I tried was Ab Ripper X, because it's the shortest and I want to tone up my abs. Another one was the X Stretch because of it's the least intimidating one and I need to develop my flexibility. Then I tried Core Syn, Yoga, Kenpo, partial Legs & Back, and Cardio. The only ones that I wasn't bother to try are the resistance workouts and Plyometrics.

I started to see some results, especially around my core and my flexibility. I wasn't able to reach my toes at all before and after doing Stretch then moved on to Yoga, I could place my whole palms on the floor. That got my excited and now I want to push it even further. I decided to do the whole 90 days program.

I picked the Lean program because I wasn't a big fan of weight training, but now I wished that I picked the Classic version. Another reason I didn't want to do the Classic was because of Plyometrics. I have weak knee joints and don't think I want to push them too hard at this time. Maybe I should try Plyo once a while on my cardio day on my next workout.

After 30 days, I started to see come changes on my body, especially around the core area, which is part of my goal. Day 60 didn't show much progress but I felt much stronger and flexible. I could even perform more push ups even though I still doing on my knees, even now. I don't have much upper body strength to begin with, so this will be a long term goal.

I am content with my Day 90 results, even though I haven't reached to my ultimate goal: tone up my abs and arms. As for my abs, I have nobody to blame but myself for not diligently doing Abs Ripper X because I started to get bored with that. But workout doesn't stop at Day 90, right? It goes on with my life and it will always be part of my life.

Speaking of which, what should I do next? My original plan was to keep doing P90X resistance workout and do outdoor activities such as jogging, running or hiking for the cardio. Of course I won't forget abs and yoga as well.

Lastly, it's very helpful to have a workout buddy to stay motivated. I joined message board and looked for the thread of people who also started P90X around the same time. Also having this blog to keep track on my progress does the trick too. And I'd like to thank my readers and other P90X bloggers to keep me motivated as well :)


Carl S said...

You're welcome. You're an inspiration to anyone trying to get through the program! You deserve to be very proud of yourself!

Keep it going in Round 2!

Pete said...

Hi Hattori!

Great results. You are much more toned after day 90. Good Work!

I was wondering how you like One on One with Tony? If I can get the results that I want over this second round, I was thinking about dropping the big buck on One on One.

I am guessing that it is a little shorther per workout, but difficult enough to maintain results. Is the schedule set up to take advantage of muscle confusion?

What's your opinion?