Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Round 2: Day 66 - ARX, Legs & Back, ChaLean Extreme I've Got Abs

Lately it's pretty tough to get up and workout in the early morning. Could it be I start to get burn out from morning workouts? Blah..I won't get it get to me. It's the last phase, and I want to push myself even harder.

I decided to do Legs & Back today so I have ample of time for my legs to recover before the beach run this coming Saturday. L&B is always tough as usual but I do have my favorite: 3 way lunges (which was introduced by Dreeeeyaah according to Tony).
Single leg wall squat is very deadly to me. I could only manage to hold halfway..anyone could hold the full minute?

My chest and arms are still sore from CST from Sunday.

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Carl S said...

Right as Tony calls out "SINGLE LEG WALL SQUATS!" and as he's biting his finger, for whatever reason... Erik says "So gay!" in the background. It's hillarious. But ya, they are rough. I make it through, but I'm never happy doing it.

It's not the squat that kills me either, it's the lifting of the leg above the knee and keeping it straight that puts the nail in the coffin for me.

But talk about burn. Legs&Back has got to me the hardest/most meaningful workout. Plus it's loaded with excellent quotes (as you have so daftfully pointout out).

Phase 3 keep it up! Round 2 is almost over!