Thursday, April 29, 2010

P90X Lean Recovery: Day 89 - Drenched in sweat with Cardio X

Cardio X finished and tomorrow will be the legendary Day 90. As usual Cardio X always makes me drenched in sweat towards the end. I even had to keep wiping out my sweat so it won't get into my eyes and nose. Sounds gross? Yes, kinda, but it's all good :D

I noticed my right foot always has this pain whenever I land on it. It's not bad, but it's getting annoying to me. Maybe it's time for me to invest for a better shoes with better heel support?

Since yesterday, I felt this one sharp pain on my upper left head. It's not bad, but when it strikes, it's really hurt. It feels like a sharp needle being injected into my upper left skull. I've never had this before. This morning, I thought it was gone, but earlier I just felt it again. And it only happens on that one particular spot.

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Carl S said...

I'm going to paraphrase Tony's AbripperX final comments:

"Boys and girls, you've just completed [P-90-X]. If you stuck with us, you did over [90days] of ab/core exercises! Lets all go into child's pose."

24hrs left!