Wednesday, April 21, 2010

P90X Lean Phase 3: Day 81 - Yoga X

One thing I can say for today: I DID WHEEL!! Woohoo!! I managed to lift myself up for at least 5 seconds then I came down and did bridge. All these times I have never even wanted to try to do Wheel in fear of I might fall out so badly. Today, I told myself to give it a try, especially I could feel my arms are a little stronger than before. I could do the Chaturanga a bit lower, while keeping my back straight.

Still have to work on Crane. I have plenty of time to achieve this, especially Yoga will always be part of my exercise routine, even after P90X routine is done.

Currently: Enjoying a glass of warm almond milk and Odwalla® Super Protein Bar. Yumm.

Forecast today said we might get some rain until tomorrow. It's overcast now and the weather is a bit cooler since yesterday.

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Carl S said...

Congratulations! Wheel is tough! I used to do them as a kid... so I tried it on my first yogaX day. Pinched my spine pretty bad. I almost didn't finish it hurt so bad. Lesson of the day - be flexible before you wheel.