Friday, June 10, 2011 365 Reps Belly Blaster Workout

As I thought I might wanna do this workout tomorrow, I busted my ass and did it before dinner. Glad I did, because it became the highlight of the day.

Workout breakdown:
Complete the entire circuit with proper forms (Time Challenge)
30 reps Sandbag Squat & Back Lunge (I used 20 lbs backpack)
30 reps Triple Knee Tuck/ 1 Leg Push Up Combo (each push up counts as 1 rep)
30 rep Sandbag full body workout (20 lbs backpack)
30 reps Forward and Backward Lunge (each leg)- Had to drop the backpack to 15lbs - each lunge count as 1 rep
30 reps seated pull ups
30 reps sandbag squats (15lbs)
30 reps side plank jumps (each side jump count as 1 rep)
30 reps lift split (aka Core splits)- I subbed this with Star Crunch
30 reps pendulum
15 reps One Arm Press Up (each arm)
30 reps Mountain Climber
5 reps Ninja Jump Tuck

I completed this workout in 32:01. Not too shabby huh?

Btw I finally ordered a dip station, which should arrive sometime next week.

Can't wait to use it!

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